Latest Google issues

Google reports every link as potentially harmful to your computer for 1 hour

Obama ‘Googlebomb’ diffused by Google

The top link is kinda odd in the fact that Google didn’t have any test servers before they roll out an upgrade. Someone screwed up an entry in their warning and included every single website that Google brought back (including :laughing: . It only lasted for an hour until they figured it out and fixed it.

The second one is a little less funny. It has to do with a “Google bomb” that someone came up with that linked President Obama with “Failure”, as what was done to President Bush. Google is taking some serious flak online because while they fixed the latest link in 4 days, they took 4 years to fix the Bush “Google bomb”.

The main point of controversy has alleged that Google’s executives and employees worked faster to fix something negative against President Obama because they support him and financially contributed over $750,000 to his election campaign. That is in stark contrast to how long they took to fix the “Google bombs” affecting President Bush.

The internet storm (that I’ve read) has been over Google’s expected neutral role as a private company, and whether it is appropriate for them to “play favorites”. Tempest in a teacup or legitimate complaint?