Latest info about covid-related travel regulations/procedures (outbound)

I can’t figure out if you really need help or not… I’ve already listed several hospitals for you where you can make an appt online. TzuChi, Far Eastern, Veterans. None of them are free. It costs anywhere between 5000 and 8000. Get your flight, then make an appointment for two days in advance. I recommend booking Eva if it flies where you need, they are very forgiving with rescheduling to my knowledge.

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Here is a real update.

In order to travel with KLM you used to need a Rapid Antigen Test you could get in the Airport Medical Center. That has changed.

Now, just to transit the NL you need a NUCLEIC ACID AMPLIFICATION TEST (NAAT), 6 tests in one apparently and no doubt extremely expensive. Apparently it includes a PCR test.

Did anyone ever hear of it–and can you even get it in Taiwan? I am thinking of changing airline though KLM is perfect in other ways.

Actually, it seems easier to book than PCK–not as much demand? It is a 6 in 1 test, including PCR. It costs 9000 NTD.

This is for Netherlands. But I also need a PCR for the UK. Surely, if the NAAT includes a PCR I don’t need a separate one for the UK? Then the tests would be almost as expensive as the flight.

Where are you seeing that PCR wasn’t enough? Assuming they now consider TW a high-risk country, from

You need to show a negative COVID-19 test result if you’re travelling from a high-risk country to the Netherlands. You have 2 options.

Option 1 - You have to show 1 test result:

  • a negative COVID-19 NAAT (PCR) test result based on a sample that was taken within 24 hours before boarding your flight to the Netherlands.

Option 2 - You have to show 2 test results:

  • a negative COVID-19 NAAT (PCR) test result based on a sample that was taken within 72 hours before your arrival in the Netherlands.
  • a negative COVID-19 rapid test result based on a sample that was taken within 24 hours before boarding your flight to the Netherlands.

Please note that even if you’re vaccinated against COVID-19, you still need to bring a negative COVID-19 test result.

Mandatory quarantine

From 1 June 2021, you must quarantine for 10 days if you travel or return to the Netherlands after staying in a very high-risk country. Please check if the country you’re travelling from is on the very high-risk list . This requirement also applies if you have been vaccinated.

Quarantine declaration

When the Netherlands is your final destination and you are travelling from a very high-risk country, you will receive a quarantine declaration on board. Please note: you are required to fill this form out.

[EDIT: also in previous advisory, “*All types of NAAT test (Nucleic Acid Amplification) are allowed, including PCR and LAMP.”
Although if customer service is saying something different…]

The NAAT test is a requirement of the Netherlands government for anyone who transits through the Netherlands: as anyone who uses KLM will. I believe it is a new requirement. Before they needed a Rapid Antigen Test.

So my question is do I need an ordinary PCR for the UK or is the NAAT enough?

Just to make it clear: you only need the NAAT if you travel with KLM.

So NAAT to show in Holland and an additional PCR to show on boarding plane for UK? Or UK will accept the NAAT? After all, it is a more extensive test.

I can find no info from the UK or KLM.

Are you certain this is the actual requirement? I think any of the NAAT-type tests qualifies, not all of them rolled into one.

From NL govt:

  • Type of test: the test used must be a molecular NAAT (PCR) test (either PCR, RT PCR, LAMP, TMA or mPOCT). No other type of test, including antigen tests and serological tests (blood tests to detect antibodies), is valid;

It is as clear as mud. But I am sure that the KLM staff in Taipei told me there has been a change and I must take the 6 in 1 NAAT test. It costs 9000 NTD…

So if you paid for a 6 in 1 test for NL, do you still need the ordinary PCR for the UK? if so that is 17000 for covid testing. Also I am not sure how to fit them all in. It is frustrating because everyone gives conflicting info. Yet as soon as you get to the airport, you will be told very briefly and surely that you have the wrong documents and can’t travel. So why is it so difficult to find out before travel?

Since you’re in Taoyuan anyway, it might make sense to drop by the airport and check. Probably cheaper than a NT£1,000 phone bill too.

I am not sure they know either. The responsibility is on the individual to check government sites. The airline staff read things from official documents–and admit they don’t know what is being referred to.

One 6 in 1 NAAT test for 9000 would not be too bad. But if I need a PCR for the UK that is another 7000…maybe 8000. Making the covid testing as expensive as the ticket. But surely if it is 6 in 1 it includes a PCR and a separate one is not necessary?

Funny you don’t hear people on here saying they were turned back and not allowed to fly. But I never heard it once.

Yes, I have a pre paid phone and spent 400 NTD trying to get sense out of KLM. Saturday morning the telecom shop is closed, so nothing until Monday now.

Try calling a KLM toll-free number in the U.S. or Europe with Skype. Saves you a lot of phone charges because it is free.

And frequently even calling local numbers is cheaper via Skype etc. than via your mobile provider

Maybe, I am overthinking it. The UK government site does not specify a particular test, but gives minimum results for the test. This Netherlands test is very exhaustive so presumably will satisfy the specifications. If not, they will let you travel but fine you 500 GBP.

Is it easy to get inside Taoyuan International Airport? I visited my local telecom shop for credit and they made it really tough to get inside. I have an appointment at the medical center the day before I travel and obviously I need to get inside.

Hope they are not stopping everyone but travellers?

Bring your record of appointment, and your ID. Perhaps a copy of your ticket?

With this, I think you should be good.


Thanks. The appointment was made by telephone so I don’t have any printed record. I can bring the other documents.

Good luck!


Thanks. Just to get inside the airport?

Hey I’m now all for taking things one step at a time! :slightly_smiling_face:

Take care,


Thanks for posting this information. With the uptick in travel to the US combined with the holiday weekend, I’m not able to book an appointment in advance for my upcoming trip.

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