Latest round of USSC abortion wars … tml?sub=AR

For those that keep up with the US courts

This time the issue is whether a state can pass a law that requires a minor to notify her parents if she has an abortion. So far the hot button looks to be the lack of an exception for situations where the woman’s health is in danger.

I think that a minor SHOULD have to have her parents notified to have a medical procedure done. It is their responsibility if something goes wrong, right? They’ll have to pick up the pieces, pay for stuff - they should be in the know.

If their stupid refusal to teach their child about sex, it’s potential consequences and how to prevent them caused a pregnancy that the child would now like to abort, they should know.

If their own poor example led to their child making the same dumb choices in life, they should know.

I tend to agree with Bodo that the notification requirement is a good thing. On the narrow issue of whether there has to be a health of the mother in addition to a life of the mother exceptions, I don’t think there has to be one. Trial courts will probably read the law as having an implicit justification defense in those cases anyway. Strategically, pro-choicers main objective probably isn’t really a health of the mother exception, rather it’s a means of showing New Hampshire (and everyone else) that there’s no sense wasting time with abortion regulation because every time you do it’ll get overturned and your back to the drawing board.