Latest Starbucks offers

[quote=“tango42”]Alibaba in China had 5 billion US dollars in sales in the first hour and a half after midnight.

The red cup controversy started with USA Republican politicians.[/quote]

Not really.
Just more goofy-assed social media hysteria.

This is interesting, at least until the last dude goes wackdoo on the gay folks.

Boycott Starbucks because they dodge their taxes or contribute to palm oil enviro-wipeout but not because of reindeers, you dumb nutsacks. If you wish to promote Christianity, howsabout a two month moratorium on shooting children or beating black people to death? Or maybe stop sucking warm milk from a plastic nipple that the idiot children you are and give the money to poor people?

Starbucks China doesn’t seem to have got the memo re the campaign to bring on the downfall of Christianity. They’ve been God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen-ing since October, here. :aiyo:

And this is the wackiest thing I have seen so far regarding Singles Day. Talk about being distracted while doing the deed!

[quote]A wife fractured her husband’s penis while making love to him because she suddenly rolled over to grab her mobile phone to start shopping for Single’s Day.

I am outta here.

Today is buy one get one free. I’m not mad.

Buy a bride, get one free?

Any update on the guy who fractured his penis?

He certainly didn’t get one free.

My boss gave me 1 but I just asked her to give me half as I can’t drink too much in afternoon.

Buy? They’re giving out free wives in China:

Latest: Buy large coffee get large coffee free ALL this month . That’s what I heard

This sounds like a recipe for a stomach ache. : P


Who wants to be my friend for coffee month ?

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@tango42 when I saw the thread title I thought, what? It turned out to be a trick where you buy 1 and just get the 1 that you already paid for? :doh:

Does it mean you can pick up the free cup anytime you want, instead of “on the spot after 1 hour in line” ?

They’re constantly running these buy one get one specials with the long lines that only the locals bother lining up for.

Exciting times in Taiwan?

For one month ! Unheard of :sunglasses:
I don’t know anything about the conditions of the offer.

You connect to the website and play a stupid game everyday

False advertising, i have to Buy two drinks to get 1 free today

Looking back I see the thread title does not make sense.

“1111” is to signify singles day, Nov 11, the purpose for the sale.

Yeah, that’s what we missed a Starbucks ‘plugger’!

I changed the title to make it more relevant.

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I don’t know what people’s kick with Starsucks is.

It’s the only place you can drink 3 liters of coffee in an hour and still feel fine.