Latest who-knows-what-the-hell-it-is bug going around

The last several days I have been reeling around like a drunk. Had a fever and sore throat initialy but that’s gone. Now I just feel dizzy and disoriented and totally unable to focus. I think I lost a day somewhere as it’s Thursday now and it shouldn’t be.

How long does ths one last and is there anything I can do about it?

Me too. Sometimes when I close my eyes there’s nothing to prevent me from collapsing unless I hold onto some support. I’m going to wait another week and see if it’s just tiredness or a real bug.

Edit: the worst part is my hands feel numb often. What could it be?

Same thing sprung up on me yesterday. Couldn’t do a thing all day. And today I have a sore throat and clogged up nose… I’m hoping its just a cold…

Shit, really? This happened to me on Sunday. I went just down the street on an errand – 5 minutes out of the house only – came back and felt awful, like I had heat exhaustion. I actually wasn’t able to stand for a while, and was totally out of it for most of the day with freezing sweats, chills, the works. Had a really sore throat for a day or two after, too, plus the focus problem.
It was really frightening. I had no idea what was happening.

Me too. I was so stuffed last week, I went to the doctor. I only had these vague symptoms of feeling like I’d been fried, just totally stuffed. Wanted to go to ranthemans gig but was just too buggared. It was like heat stroke and lasted for about a week. I didn’t have a cough or anything. It was trully weird. It took a couple of days to pass. Now I’ve just got my regular hangovers to deal with.


Maybe you have an ear infection?

Me too. Sometimes when I close my eyes there’s nothing to prevent me from collapsing unless I hold onto some support. I’m going to wait another week and see if it’s just tiredness or a real bug.

Edit: the worst part is my hands feel numb often. What could it be?[/quote]
Vascular maybe? How about your other extremities? Numb feet? Does the tip of your nose feel unnaturally cold?
Could be your blood vessels constricting, which could also make you feel faint or imbalanced.
Just make sure you’re chipper by Saturday!

I’ve been catching myself falling asleep while talking to peo…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz… ple.

No, really, I have. I have to stand up and move around to stay on top of things.

This vegetarian feels GREEEEEAAAAAAT! :slight_smile:

So does this meat, potatos and gravy-loving Canadian! :smiling_imp:

It only lasts a couple days. You need to join AA, though.

I just came down with it today… :s

I’ve been feeling the same; I thought it was just me, but it’s actually reassuring to hear other people have it.

Im not feeling to reassured. Because I brefly heard that the bird flu is gonna do some big damage some where, emphasis on HEARD…I was running out the door…

:astonished: I actually thought of the same thing.

And yes I have been feeling like crap the last couple of weeks, but I got other problems so I didn’t think much of it :s

Sept 21 (Reuters) - Indonesia described an outbreak of bird flu in its teeming capital an epidemic on Wednesday as health and agricultural experts from around the world converged on Jakarta to try to help control the virus.

The H5N1 avian flu virus has killed a confirmed 64 people in Asia since late 2003. It is one of 15 known subtypes of bird disease caused by type-A strains of influenza. Type-A avian influenzas were first identified in Italy more than a century ago.

Here are some facts about H5N1 avian flu:

– There are dozens of known flu strains, named for two proteins each virus carries. H5N1 refers to an avian flu strain that emerged in Hong Kong in 1997, killing or forcing the destruction of 1.5 million chickens, ducks and geese, infecting 18 people and killing six. The World Health Organization says the quick slaughter of all potentially infected birds may have averted a pandemic.

– H5N1 avian influenza re-emerged in Korea in 2003. It has now been found in birds in Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Japan, Kazakhstan, Korea, Laos, Malaysia, Mongolia, Philippines, Russia, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

– H5N1 is considered the biggest direct disease threat to humanity because it mutates rapidly and also can acquire genes from other viruses, making it a potential human pathogen.

– Experts predict that if it acquires the ability to infect people easily and spread from person to person efficiently, it would make more than 25 million people seriously ill and would kill as many as 7 million.

– These numbers could go even higher, according to other models, which show the virus would make 50 percent of people where it is circulating ill, and 5 percent could die.

– All influenza viruses change quickly, which is why the standard flu vaccine must be changed every year. But H5N1 is particularly good at changing. The fear is it would acquire a key gene from a flu virus that already easily infects humans and become a highly contagious and deadly strain.

– Birds that survive infection with H5N1 excrete the virus for at least 10 days, orally and in faeces, making it highly likely to spread. Migratory birds, usually wild ducks, are the natural “reservoir” of avian influenza viruses, and usually do not become sick when infected. Domestic poultry, including chickens and turkeys, die quickly when infected.

– Several companies are working on an H5N1 vaccine, and the furthest along in development is France’s Sanofi-Aventis <SASY.PA>. U.S.-based Chiron Corp. <CHIR.O> aims to test its H5N1 vaccine later this year and Britain’s GlaxoSmithKline Plc <GSK.L> plans large-scale clinical trials in 2006. The ordinary flu vaccine does not protect against avian flu.

– Two antiviral drugs can help against the infection and may even prevent it if taken at precisely the right time. These are Tamiflu from Switzerland’s Roche Holding AG <ROG.VX>, known generically as oseltamivir, and GlaxoSmithKline’s Relenza, or zanamivir.

Chances are it’s a typical, nasty flu. Someone might have brought it to HH if so many Forumosans have it. I hope y’all feel better soon! :flowers:

What I had was nothing like 'flu. It was much more like heatstroke.

Woah! Read the papers. There is a very dangerous virus that has all the symptoms of heatstroke, but can be fatal.

See, this is why I never go to HH’s, to big a risk … but then … I feel like shit everyday, dizzy head, heatstroke symptoms, a thousand whistles in my ear (leftside) and many other uncomfortable feelings … :astonished: