Woodworking or metal? I wish I knew… I do not have a lathe at the moment. I did see a few machine shops at Chende rd near the Mingquian W. Rd. MRT station but I don’t think they will let anyone use it.

They certainly exist. Here’s a couple online auctions. I also recall seeing some small ones at a woodworking shop here, which is somewhere around #100 Chongqing N Rd. Section 1. That shop also has a few imported woodworking tools (Veritas) that you might be interested in Luthier.

If you just want to rent/use one I know a bamboo/lacquerware/woodworking studio in Xindian with several larger ones. They run classes, but would also let you use their shop for a fee I imagine.

Where did the OP’s post go?

I don’t think he was asking where he’d buy one, he was asking where he could rent some time on one. Honestly as far as Luthiery goes I find lathes to be of limited usefulness.

Only useful for old-school classical/flamenco guitar pegs I guess. I’ll try to dig up that woodworking/turning studio’s info later.

You use a pegshaver for that, not a lathe. That thing has to fit to a rather close tolerance. I’ve contemplated making my own by using a drill press as a lathe though.

According to Cumpiano you can make a pegshaver by using a reamer (such as a taper pin reamer) to make the tapered hole in a piece of wood, then cut 1/4 of that hole out and fit a plane blade to it. problem is taper pin reamers don’t do such good job reaming wood, you need those expensive reamers to ream wood smoothly.

Could you post more details, TM? Location? I’ve been looking for a class like this.

EDIT: sorry, just noticed you said you’d post again later :slight_smile:

I was referring to turning your own pegs from scratch, for which you do use a lathe.

my bad, I was thinking I could carve out the button portion and then insert the square shaft into a pegshaver and shave it into the final shape. I could go and make my own bridge pins, friction pegs, but at 25,000nt for a real lathe (not the mini stuff) it’s not cost effective at the moment. Bandsaw is a much more important equipment for a luthier.

The woodworking/bamboo studio with lathes etc. that I mentioned is called 亂舞藝場 (Luan Wu Yi Chang). They have a blog here: ph:02-8666-6569 They don’t speak English though, afaik.