Laundrette in Ximen or near


I’m looking for a place I can go to wash my clothes a laundrette where i can go and wash not give my clothes to them to wash. I live in Ximen and hand washing just aint for me. I can travel but not too far.



the only laundromats i recall seeing here are in tienmu, they seem to be japanese chains. guess that’s a bit out of your way.

there’s a chain of coin laundries around taipei. i go to the one right outside taipower station. i know they have other branches, but not sure where they are. will check the next time i go.

Thanks for replying guys I’ll check for the Taipower one it’s not that far.Cheers.

I am “bumping” this ancient (by internet standards) thread to see if anyone knows whether or not there’s a laundromat in Ximen yet? My apartment comes equipped with one of those special washing machines that takes 2 + hours per load, and a dryer that does a really really good job of heating my clothes up. Additionally, I have a clothes drying balcony that is both filthy and virtually inaccessible. So close, but yet so far…

Anyway, I could have sworn I saw a laundromat while walking around the other day, but didn’t think anything of it because I thought these machines actually worked. Now that it would actually be of some use, I’ve forgotten where it was, or if I was just hallucinating.

Might end up just using the facilities in the ShiDa dorms. These are open to the public, right?

There’s one on Kangding Rd. It’s near the nursing college and the police station. It’s between Neijiang and GuiYang streets.

Jeez… wasn’t expecting a response so fast! Thanks so much! That might have even been the one I saw, it is in the general area in which I was wandering aimlessly (my favorite hobby here thus far). My clothes and free time give you much respect.