Laundromat near jingan mrt

Well, that’s the closest MRT to me and I’m not sure how to say where I am. Zhong He rd in Yong He I think.

There’s one on Zhongzheng Road (中正路), a five minute walk from Jing’an, and on the opposite side of the road to the station. Next time I’m going past I’ll make a note of the exact address, and post it here.


I live near where Zhong Zheng and Zhong Shan road meets in Zhong He. Is it far from there?

I think I passed the one you are talking about Taffy but I forgot the street cross section. Do you know it?

Don’t quote me on it, but I think it might Zhongzheng (中正路) and Bannan (板南路). I haven’t been past there recently, but I probably will in the next day or two.

Cool thanks. Any help is appreciated! :smiley:

Appreciated especially by my clothes. :stuck_out_tongue: