Lawmakers reduce fees for "heavy" motorbike licenses

Front page of todays, 08 Jan 2005, The China Post.
Could be good news. I think an actual motorcycle in the 350-450cc range is about perfect for this island. Good combo of cruising comfort (a relative thing) and manueverability.
Anyway, according to the article, a motorcycle of this size would come in at a tax rate of $2,200NT per year (for 251-500cc). Pricing grades are listed for up to 1,800cc + bikes.

This is really great news. Too bad I’ve beening paying 23000 for the past 2 years. Can’t complain, at least some progress has been made. Now if only they would let big bikes in the fast lane in the city. Here is the link to the article from The China Post. … 6585&GRP=B

In 6 years of living in Taiwan this is the very first time ever that the government have made a decision that didn