Lawsuits in Taiwan

heard Taiwan is becoming like the states…I mean the lawsuits…if you fell in a store or hospital didn’t take care of you while you are hospitalized you sue and they reward you money just like the states? is that true…I grew up in the states and not in TW so just you know…

If your case is legit do they award to foreigners as much as Taiwanese citizens? just wondering

If there’s any truth to this (Taiwan becoming more litigious) than they’d better get rid of all those tile walk ways and marble entrances in this humid, rainy country!

The number of times I’ve spilled or almost spilled!

It’s true. You have the right to sue anytime you feel something unjustified is happening to you. However, be prepared that the most unjustified time you will have, might just be in court.

what do you mean? it’s corrupted if they have connection to the law or the judge?

or the system is kinda messed up like in the staes