Lawyer for IP / Patent case

Hi, i am looking to find a lawyer in Taipei in order to first get some legal advice and then outsource to him/her the process of a patent application i will need for a product i am thinking to develop here in Taiwan.
I wonder if any of you has any lawyer to recommend as well as if you happen to know how much money a lawyer would ask for advice first and then to do all the application process.
Just to mention that i am just an individual that i want to develop this product as a side project so i am not looking for a high profile law firm such as the one that Asus or any other similar company is collaborating :laughing: .
Thanks in advance for any input!

Regarding your issues, you need to know that there are patent agents and lawyers. The former can help you apply for patent and the latter can give you legal advice for business, licensing contract, or patent litigation.

Usually patent application will be charged by case,and it really depends on what kind of patent you are applying for and how complex it is. Also if you require more services or translation or keep changing the patent claims, you have to pay for extra working hours.

As to lawyer fee, it is charged by hours usually, and different firms definitely have different rates. If you want to start a business, you may retain the lawyer as the company’s consultant, and buy certain service hours. You should really discuss the details of service fee when you meet your lawyer.

Lawmottow, thank you for your clarification. I am preparing the relevant material regarding my product in order to look for patent agents in the beginning. For any development i will keep you all posted.

Sure. Let me know if you have more questions.

I’m looking for a lawyer/or just legal advice for a research collaboration agreement that I’m drafting right now. I’m in the medical device industry os just want to know what laws are relevant and should be placed in the contract. Do you think i need a lawyer for that?

Not sure what kind of business you are doing right now, but the provisions of your contract should really base on every detail of your business or collaboration. However, if the counterparty is trustworthy and the investment is not very big, you can save money and draft the contract by yourself.

Some of the research collaboration cases I met before were about whether the money invested should be returned after the research and development ended up nothing. One party argued they were partnership in this project and had to share the cost if the project failed. But the other party insisted he mandated the defendant to develop an instrument. Thus, if no result comes out, no payment(i.e., investment shall be returned). There were also some cases about the liability for the defects of their development, cross-licensing provisions, and application for IPR, etc. You may consider the above and make some relevant provisions in your contract.

As to the medical device business, you should be careful about the relevant regulations and laws. Government usually requires licenses or permissions before any business operation. Here is a link for your reference, if you need any information regarding the medical device regulations.
If you want to find some medical device data, try this one: