know any good criminal lawyer in taiwan?.
Please help me find one. I need one near the taipei airport.


You’re going to have to do a bit more explaining. You “need one near the Taipei (actually Taoyuan) airport”? Pardon me if your situation sounds a bit fishy. You on the lam from another country or something?

And just in another thread today people were talking about how easily Taiwan lets convicted criminals get jobs here.

Or perhaps it is the Taipei (actually Taipei) domestic airport the lawyer is required to be near. :wink:

Mod lang, you’re way off base. If someone asked for the name of a gynecologist would you say “you’re going to need to tell us about your pussy first”? If someone asked for the name of a stock broker would you tell them “you’re going to need to tell us how much money you have”? Fer crisakes, if the guy needs a criminal lawyer he’s not about to divulge the circumstances over the Internet. In no way does the fact that he’s inquiring about criminal lawyers mean that he’s violated any law; perhaps he’s inquiring to be sure that he doesn’t. And even if he did commit a crime, Taiwan would be as bad as China if he had no right to an attorney.

Unfortunately the AIT website doesn’t seem to be working this morning, but a google search revealed that they used to have a list of criminal lawyers in northern taiwan at the following link. Maybe it will work later.

If the link’s not working later, you might want to call the AIT and inquire.

Sure, sure, he hasn’t run afoul of the law…he’s just making inquiries…not

People don’t call gynecologists unless they’re something funny goin on down there or they need their annual checkup. And people don’t call stock brokers unless they have money to invest. This dude is a criminal, that we can be sure of. But what did you do, mate? Share your dastardly story with us, won’t you? You’re anonymous on these boards, anyway, no one’ll know it’s you.

I do find the airport thing a little wierd though. I always thought boats would be better for speedy getaways. There’s all that customs security at airports.

Seems like the leeches are well and ruly out today… :?

Give the guy a break~!

If the question’s legit, then why not try to help him instead of posting comments that are oozing with sarcasm like a “tell me more” tabloid?

Anyway, if you can’t contact the AIT, maybe Hartzell could help with a referral to another lawyer…

Speaking of leeches, the AIT list of lawyers is available after all. If you click on the above link, though, you’ll notice that they list every lawyer in the book. I don’t know why you want a lawyer near the airport, but if you’re talking about Taoyuan the list does include one lawyer there:

Rong-Teh Tsai, Attorney at Law
Address: No. 179, Fu Hsing Road, Taoyuan City
Telephone: (03)334-6223 or (03)334-6231 Fax: (03)333-4671

I have no idea if he’s any good though, or if he speaks English.

People with more money would probably go to Baker & McKenzie or Jones, Day or Lee & Li, but there’s no guarantee they would provide better service than a small local firm or lawyer. In the US almost any attorney will allow you to schedule an appointment to come in and discuss the facts and get a preliminary opinion for free. I would ask for the same thing here to check out the lawyer and see if you want to hire him or not.

I would also ask for a written fee agreement with the lawyer before he starts work. In California that is required by law, but in Taiwan it is not. Without a written agreement there is likely to be disagreement in the future. And don’t forget that everything is negotiable in life. If the lawyer’s fee is expensive ask for a reduction.

Thank Mother Teresa.
ok my brother get caught stealing in Taipei airport, right now I am in the US, I want to try to help him. Can he be bail out?. it is hard to negotiate with the lawyer since I am not in Taipei.
I need a lawyer need Taipei airport.

Also check this list of 222 law firms from - … t_name=Law

Thanks awol,
it does not give me the details.
can you give me the phone number of a lawyer

So sorry - you are right…

Try this link … efault.htm

Then look at the right side of the page for details on several Taiwan law firms.