A bit of blatant publicity for a friend:

If anyone’s up for a ‘lazer forumosa’ tournament then I expect it can be arranged. Put your name below. It’s in the K-Mall on Zhongxiao West Rd, opposite the station.

[quote]LazerTreks is an indoor activity center with a futuristic urban design, where players can experience the most progressive, interactive, and exciting lazer games.

A150 Square ping Center containing *One Reception lounge Area * One vesting room * One private party room * One playground Arena.

LazerTreks brings on-line gaming to life!
This is an advanced combat simulation, containing the strategy and thrill of paintball matched with the real-time tracking and scoring of online games. Working individually or in teams, whatever your mission is, competitors work to outthink and outplay each other to obtain the highest score and be declared champion!

State of the art lighting, fog system and adrenaline-pumping music will make the player feel as if he’s actually competing in a real on-line game. This is the ultimate in interactive, state-of-the-art gaming!

Monday to Thursday from 1pm-10pm
Friday to Saturday from 11am-10:30pm
Sunday 11am -9:30pm

Standard Price: 250 NTD per person
Student and below 18years: 199 NTD per person
By a smart card of: 1000 NT$ and get 10% Free bonus
Book by hour “25 sets of equipment”: 13000 NT$ (weekend by advance booking & additional charge of 15%) [/quote]

Edit In response to Josefus’ post below, I think buy 1 get 1 free deal is an introductory offer good until the end of February. They open their doos Sat 10th, by the way. And one game should last about half an hour.

New thread is here: [LazerTreks - A New form of Entertainment in Taipei]