LCD Televisions with Hi-HD

I am looking to buy a 37" LCD TV and came across several models with Hi-HD. As my Mandarin isn’t that great, I could not fully understand what the salesperson was mentioning. Apparently he said I could receive channels OTA using antennas.

I assume Hi-HD is higher resolution than regular HD channels? One more thing, these Heran TV’s advertise as having PVR functionality. Do I just plug a USB HD in the back, and it can start recording?

Hi-HD is high-def DVB-T/T2, they have a website here and you need to have an antenna connected to your TV for it to work.

It’s not higher resolution than HD, it’s just that it’s over the air rather than via cable, satellite or xDSL.

Dunno about the PVR functionality, as mine doesn’t have it afaik.

Thanks for the clarification. Will definintely get a Hi-HD set then. Cheers :slight_smile: