LCL shipping in Taiwan

I need to ask about LCL shipping in Taiwan to the UK. I have some machines like drill press, bandsaw, jointer, workbench, air compressor, etc. that I would like to ship sometimes later. I am not talking about van lines that charge close to 10,000 US for expat families but just putting stuff in containers and shipping them. How much per cubic meter can I expect to pay and who do I talk to?

No idea, but one standard pallet (0.8m x 1.20m surface area, weight and height didn’t care) from Belgium to Taiwan was about 250 Euro … including customs, documents and transport in Belgium … plus customs clearance, duties, taxes, transport in Taiwan about 5,000 NT$. total let’s say 15,000 NT$.
Transport from Taiwan to Europe is more expensive … probably 30-40%, and cost of sea freight is picking up. It need to be in/on approved, documented and stamped heat treated. wooden pallets or in wooden crates, strong enough and fixed to prevent damage.

You can talk to any freight forwarder. I think Khune and Nagel have offices in Taiwan. Also remember LCL are relatively expensive. Sometimes it works out cheaper to take a whole 20 foot container and ship three quarters empty. Prices vary monthly with the price of oil.

I used Nippon Express … they have an office on Zhongxiao East Road, between Donghua and Guangfu Road.

That’s true!