LCO Animal Rescue, esp. Taibei County & YingGe

LittleYellowDog kindly passed on the link to a TaipeiTimes article about an animal rescue group called LCO for short (for Life Care Orgz’n, full name The Life Caring and Animal Rescue Organization Taiwan). They have issued an “animal 911 number”, which is actually 0968-119-804, and although the Times article is not very clear on the scope of their operations, according to info Dragonbabe dug up in Chinese on the web, they are legally registered, have an ambulance, operate 24 hours, and do rescues, medical care, neutering, then either adoption or release, and they do not charge the caller anything. However, they DO NOT TAKE UNWANTED PETS (of course).

Their operating area is mainly focused on Taibei County, and apparently they are actually located in YingGe. If anyone has better info pls feel free to correct me or fill in the gaps. They do a lot of rescues of animals injured by foothold traps, rubber bands, car accidents, etc…

According to the web info we found, “If the person who reports the case isn’t present where the incident took place, LCO will not accept the case.” I think they mean that if you find an injured animal and call them, you need to be with the animal when you call, keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn’t wander off, and basically just stick around until their ambulance arrives so you can give them a quick report on the situation.

I recommend that everyone program numbers like this into your cellphone so that when you do find an injured animal you have a number to call. That’s 0968-119-804.

Thanks for posting this. I have put the number in my cell phone. Any idea if anyone speaks English there?

Last time…virtually none.

阿 虎 founder of LCO. … t225960697

Thanks for posting this info. I’ve just asked LCO to come rescue a badly injured dog in the Wen Shan Tea Farm. I tried AT and they went once when they were in the area, but I’ve not heard anything since. He’s in a pretty bad way, so hopefully LCO can help. I’ll let you know how it goes.

We are currently trying to get this rescue group to take better care of its animals. Right now, I cannot recommend them as an animal-welfare organisation, and I am certain you would not want any animal to be kept in the conditions they provide.

If you find an animal in need of urgent medical attention, please take responsibility for it yourself if you can. The people trying to do something are too few and with too limited resources.

I hope I can give a better report of this place in the future, but right now I urge you not to let any animals be taken into their care.