Le Mout Taichung


Has anyone eaten here? I’ve heard it’s closing down and I happen to be working in Taichung a week on Saturday. I was thinking of taking the ball and chain down there as a surprise. It’s about 4-7k a head, so I don’t want to be disappointed.


Yup I went earlier this year. I personally thought the experience and food was really good, but it really depends on whether you’re used to diminishing returns on food investments or not.


I get it.

I think I’m probably going to go anyway, assuming I can book a table.


You won’t regret it, the restaurant itself is very pretty and the food really quite excellent and not something you can find easily in Taiwan.

Great wine list too.


have you tried getting a reservation first?


I probably won’t as time’s running out.


As an alternative ( I found Le Mout to be pretty average) there is a small place called L’Affection. Excellent French food , although the Chef is Taiwanese , far better IMO.