Lead a lady by her nose

Another reason not to wear cologne guys - don’t want to mask your dominant odour!


Hmm…I wonder what one could eat to make oneself smell more dominant?

Just wait 'til ran gets a hold of this.

I knew it!

I call shenannigans.

The survey was flawed as no dominant males took part. What kind of dominant MANLY man would pander to some white-coated boffin with a clipboard in such a way? No beer? No curries? Yeah, right!

No, the “so-called” males in this study were all limp-wristed pansies with “wimp” stamped on their foreheads.

Lay off the beer and curries. Yeah, RIIIIIGHT! :loco:

Curry? Doesn’t India boast like the 2nd largest population in the world?

Beer? Are they mad? Do these researchers know anything about the 2am bar aphrodisiac that started a many of one night stands in the developed world.

Maybe the were promised a free 24-hour all-you-can-vomit beer, curry, and meat pie mission at the conclusion of the study?

Maybe the were promised a free 24-hour all-you-can-vomit beer, curry, and meat pie mission at the conclusion of the study?[/quote]
So it would still be flawed, as the MANLY men would beat the arses of the panty-waist wimpy ones in order to get on the program. Its a no-win situation.

Um, maybe they only told the manly men about the free piss-up and told the wimpy ones they’d get, I dunno, poetry books or whatever those pussies are into

Nope. However you care to cut it, its the Brads and the Hanks and the Vlads that would be on the program. No chance for the Tristans and Sebastians, I’m afraid.

Vlad? Where the hell did that come from?

Lead a lady by her nose
Then get inside her panty hose
If she swallows after she blows
Then you know they all be hos

Maybe they should do a test where the woman puts her nose in front of a hole in the wall and a man on the other side farts in her face.

They have websites and videos of this in Japan, except its vice-versa.

They also bombed Pearl Harbor. They have weird fetishes over there.

So ladies and gents, if your SO has ever commented that you smell like something, what was it s/he said you smell like?

The pussy smelling like fish has been overdone, so let’s hear about other smells and/or other parts of the body.

I’ll start: when nuzzling my neck, my SO says I smell like green tea. :sunglasses:

Yes, yes they do. (NOTE: SFW. As in Not NSFW. 'cept for the noisiness.)

I think I smell a little limburger. :laughing:

(but I’m sure your neck smells like green tea and maybe better!)

Mod note: It’s beginning to smell a little bit like flounder in here.

Not quite, the article has some rather important insights into dating, and how to sow your wild oats all around the place - smell dominant.

And - it’s rather interesting that a female breeding strategy is to be with a good provider/caretaker, and then get pregnant with a high quality gene man.

Pheronomes have also been known to make men “look” more attractive, IE the smell is one of succesful partner or something I guess.

It would take a “special” woman to like my smell.

I don’t really know, my so does not have any isues with mine.

She always says I smell of butter. :s

And when I come back from a spot of vigorous exercise soaked in sweat and, as it seems to me, smelling wonderfully manly and enticing, she backs off as if were doused in dog piss.