Leaked invasion map

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So, fake or real? Something we should worry about?

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This appeared in the Wack Things in China thread yesterday.

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Oh, ok. Missed that.

The Chinese invasion plan isn’t too hard to predict. They will have to take the islands first. Then there are realistically only 2-3 suitable coasts to land on. It might suck for us the typhoons washed away all the beaches. But it makes an invasion really hard. And they will have to since they don’t have the capacity to bring enough troops from air, even if none of them got shot down.

There are tremendous advantages of being an island nation like Taiwan. No doubt something CKS thought about.


Ominously, one Weibo user wrote, “Isn’t that a topographical map of the Taiwan area? This is such an exciting development for the new year!”

Is it wrong that I hope this brave internet warrior gets stricken by his country’s shitty SARS 2.0 epidemic?

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Don’t China have LCAC type landing crafts that don’t always require sandy beaches to land on?

But invading Taiwan require a really significant military build up that they will see it months in advanced. Enough time to line the coast with those nasty railroad track traps that was famously used in the D Day invasion. You know those steel barriers that are often wired with explosives…

Fighting in dense urban places is also really hard too, something even the US have difficulty with.

Not an accidental leak, and surely the other half is nearby.


Almost definitely just an empty flex in response to Taiwan’s latest election results. Eat shit, Xi.


Yeah that could be very difficult, but the real problems come if the Taiwanese military retreats to the mountains. Infantry attacking nearly vertically up Taiwan’s mountains, even with artillery and air support, would be no joke. In that case they would almost certainly require significant land area, islands and/or cities, for logistical staging to support such an invasion.

a response and also for deflection for their own people. lots of shit going down in china right now, so better get the people angry at taiwan instead.

Don’t put it past Xi to just decide to nuke us if he decides a land invasion is too much hassle.

If Taiwan has time to mine the waterways and harbors along with US assistance dropping mines from B-52’s.

China does not (yet) have amphibious capability to take Taiwan by sea.

The fallouts would get to China, and the US will nuke China in response.

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According to the news:

  • The “invasion plan” appears to be unchanged for the last few centuries, business as usual
  • They specifically targeted S. Taiwan for this “photo op” to scare DPP voters and continue raising tensions between pro-China & pro-Taiwan camps
  • What kind of 21st century war room has 3d topological maps and wall charts, instead of massive screens and 3D computer simulation projectors, etc? (Answer: one that isn’t seriously entertaining the notion of a fight)

All valid points. They wanted this “leaked.” It’s total bullshit for the reasons you and others have mentioned.

Straight up scare tactics. Nothing else.

Yea I seriously don’t think China wants to fight through mines waters and heavy thorn forests (the military uses the kind that can grow within days to blanket entire areas), not to mention soldiers holed up in upper floors of these concrete jungle can do serious damage.

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My mom has always said that, in a modern war scenario, China will win by simply sending so many soldiers to their deaths that the other side gets sick of killing them. She cites their sheer numbers and how little regard they have for human life.

“Americans have a conscience. They would get to a point where they just couldn’t stomach killing another Chinese soldier. But they just keep coming. And China don’t care.” - Hanna’s mom

South Taiwan is pretty much an expected landing site of the invasion. Like I said, there’s only 2-3 spots they can go. It’s not really a shocker they’re looking at it.

If you notice those spots, there is often a military base there, and often these beaches are heavily forested.