Leaked invasion map

If they’re getting ready to invade, they’re not going to leak maps of it. That’s crazy.

This thought came to mind about that. They might leak an invasion in the south like many predicted. But actually try for Hsinchu and the coast on the East. Taiwan still has limited resources and soldiers. If we put our eggs in one basket and put a bunch of sea mines and prepare the beaches on the south. It might be the wrong move.

I don’t think this would have a chance of fooling anyone. Taiwan obviously has to defend the entire island to win in any case. They can’t afford to allow China to gain a solid foothold anywhere.

I don’t think this particular one is it. But I do think the PLA would try this with leaked intelligence. Taiwan would prepare every coast that is suitable for invasion, but spreading them out really is a big trade off.

Due to the mountainous terrain, tricking a south landing would be disastrous if they went east.

The allies pulled a similar move for D day.

Oh sure, they’ll try whatever disinformation they can. I think this is far too clumsy to be any such kind of effort though. It’s just cheap propaganda. Maybe they’re thinking “this will look so ridiculous, no one would believe we were going to invade if we pull something like this” :slight_smile: But if they’re launching a full-scale invasion, they’ll never be able to hide it, not in Xi Jinping’s wet dream. If they’re preparing for some kind of small scale shock and surprise attack, they won’t want to do anything that would make anyone even remotely think of them invading anything.

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I disagree, imagine a bunch of 1 child policy sons coming back in body bags.

Also CCP’s rule on China is dependent on the will of its people. If a lot of grieving parents are protesting, CCP is finished. Not to mention economic fallouts for trying to invade.

There is nothing more I can think of that the Chinese care more about than their only sons.

Noticed today that several police stations in the north have military command posts next to them.
Not so worrying if it was for the big C thing, but yesterday, on my way back from the Taoyuen coast, saw pretty large troop movements towards the coast.
Groups of armed soldiers in full gear, and lots of trucks; 1/3 pulling mobile radar stations, 1/3 carrying each 3 GtA missiles, and pulling their mobile launchers, and 1/3 completely closed.
Does the government prepare for something? :worried:

Are they worried about the coronaarmy’s invasion?

disclaimer: I know little to nothing about the military except the spy-movie level tunnels in Kinmen and their massive quantity of camo around the island.

Historically China army have been pathetic, they are not born to fight they have no balls.
Comment on 1 child only son is also prevalent, they have to do by another source rather than full strength in numbers invasion.

Tell that to the GI’s who fought at the Chosin Reservoir in Korea …

Seems to have been a military exercise.


Seems like a good time to keep readiness high.

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