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What is your favorite chinese language learning tool?

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There are many ways to learn chinese for free online, but one great way is by watching these videos: :


It would be very helpful to me if you would subscribe to my videos and offer helpful advice of constructive criticism to help me improve my videos. I try to make at least a few videos every month, and I think they’re getting better.
Here is one of my videos:


Anyways, thank you so much for your help and support! I hope that these videos will help and entertain you! : )


None of the above. Taiwanese friends, including my wife.

It’ll never work – you’re not NEARLY as hot as Peggy Lee.

Erm…the problem isn’t so much the videos, the problem is your Chinese. It’s quite non-standard and the tones are not clear or correct in many cases. I’m sure the videos are amusing, but people don’t say 你有沒有生病 to mean “are you sick”. That’s Taiwanese-influenced past time, not correct present-time Mandarin.
Maybe you could make videos to teach Taiwanese people English instead?