Learn Mandarin school options for kids

Hi, I’m hoping to reach those of you who have ‘been there done that’ with this situation.

We’re Australian/Canadian parents to 3 and 4 year old girls and we’re trying to work out which track to go down. We’re unsure of how long we’ll be here but intend to try to continue their Mandarin education whatever happens. Now we have a home tutor and progress is swift. We want the girls to learn to read and write Chinese so I see it like this:

The local Chinese primary school with kindergarten
Chinese kindergarten followed by English school and Chinese home tutor

I wonder if the white children in the local schools suffer discrimination? Teasing or harassment?
Do the kids need a particular type of character to ‘make it’?
What are the major drawbacks of sending white kids to local schools?
Do you have a spokesperson to assist with school relationships?

Anyone got advice for me on this subject?

Thanks, J