Learning basic html and how to code PHP

What I want to do now is go buy some books and dig in. Anyone have any book recommendations, or recommend other ways to learn?

I know there are websites out there that do a good job (and please share links if you got’m), but I think I’d rather have a book or somewhere to go to learn.

Check out the O’Reilly books. And their site safari.oreilly.com.

You might check out the PHP.net website; they have a tutorial.

You also might want to check out LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP).

Check out what about them? Like install and setup my own? If that would help, I’d certainly consider it.

The one book I am reading now on PHP 5 is “Beginning PHP 5 and MySQL - From Novice to Professional” by Jason Gilmore. The book got rave reviews on Slashdot and a bunch of Linux and Open Source sites and I have to say I agree with them.

amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/de … 2?v=glance

Check out what about them? Like install and setup my own? If that would help, I’d certainly consider it.[/quote]

Yup, exactly. You’ll learn things much faster and quicker if you do the whole LAMP program instead of one piece at a time. IMHO, if you don’t, it’s like eating the frosting on the cake. You’ll never know just how good the cake is if you do that :wink:

WROX books are generally excellent but for more advanced folks. O’Reilly which was already recommended is seconded as well. For beginners, the Mastering series and the John Wily books are also very good starters.

When I studied basic web design, we had an O’Reilly book for HTML & XHTML reference. Granted, most programs (Dreamweaver, Front Page) do all the marking up for you, but from time to time I had to get down and dirty, and it was nice having the text.

I actually still have it here, so let me know if you want to look it over before ordering one.


I’ve been learning PHP too. Given that PHP’s strength is database driven web applications, you will probably want to learn a database at the same time, and the popular free one is MySQL. The book I’m learning from combines both of these into a step by step tutorial format. It is O’Reilly’s “Web Database Applications with PHP and MySQL” by Hugh E. Williams and David Lane.

By the way, anyone seen English versions of the O’Reilly books in Taiwan? The Chinese versions are all I seem to find lately.

To get started with php & MySQL try http://www.easyphp.org/

Easy php can be installed on a Windows machine and includes: php, Apache, MySQL and phpMyAdmin. It will install pretty much at a click of a button… and you will have everything you need to get going…

phpMyAdmin is a great tool for setting up & editing databases…

Once you’ve got that hit the web, you will find loads of resources. If you already know a little HTML coding, then go to somewhere like http://www.hotscripts.com many scripts for absolutly anything you could imagine or want to do. Downloading an existing script and playing with variables and values is a great way to learn exactly how scripting works…

There are also loads of useful resources/communities:

and the list goes on… most of these places have a forum, there you will find a wealth of info, search the archives as someone will have asked the same question you are about to…

Rather than specific A~Z tutorials, try thinking of something you want to achieve, break it down into small steps and try completing them one at a time… you should find it easier to keep yourself motivated…

most of all… enjoy it.

Thanks for all the suggestions (and keep them coming). To get an idea of where I am now, here’s some more info. I’ve installed a forum, WiKi and blog that all use PHP (phpbb, PmWiki and WordPress). I’ve added mods to the forum before (but that’s usually just copying and pasting, and following instructions. I know most basic html codes and know how to look up stuff I don’t know. My web host has MySQL installed so I can mess with that (haven’t messed with it much).

An example of something I think I should be able to do with PHP and SQL would be adding a section to my blog that would show the total number of miles (or Km) and time I’ve spent biking, and a separate page (that would require me logging in) where I could enter the information.

Or maybe I could add something that would show my total words typed (in my blog). I can think of lots of things I could do with PHP and a database. A lot of times I can find mods that do what it is I’d like to do, but sometimes they don’t look quite the way I want them to and I’d like to adjust them. I think you guys get the picture.

The only thing I can add is that no one book is the answer. I have a variety of books on Linux, MySQL, Apache, etc., but each of them has its own strong point. I reference different books for different questions.

Building a personal print library with regards to using Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP is essential. When you’re trying to figure something out on your computer, the last thing you want to have to do is switch to another screen to reference help. Get the books suggested!

I know exactly what you mean, but I need something to get my feet wet with first. I had a large bookshelf of books on computer repair and networking back home, but started with a Dummies book I believe. After I get a book that does a thorough job covering the basics, I’ll know what gaps need to be filled.