Learning Chinese in Taoyuan


I want to learn chinese - will soon be teaching english in Taoyuan. Where do i find lessons here??

Can anyone find me a tutor for this month starting late march?

my Chinese is so far pathetic. And have been in PRC for 6 months.

there are no schools i know of where you can learn chinese in taoyuan county. i take my lessons through a private teacher in jhung-li. try asking your chinese co-teachers to help you.

Hi there,
I’m an experienced Chiense teacher in Taoyuan city. I do both privates and small groups of classes. Feel free to contact with me if you haven’t found one yet. Learning Chinese is so much fun!!! :slight_smile: You will enjoy it!!


I work in Taoyuan and would love to hear from anyone who can tell me how i can find somewhere to learn Chinese. Seems there are no schools here for foreigners wanting to learn.

You can sit comfortably on your couch, with a cup of coffee at hand and learn Chinese at ease, as is just what my American student has done now.

Yesterday, I just taught an American Chinese in Georgia for two hours online. We both had a wonderful experience. We have used a web camera and a headphone. The pictures are clear and even better than live in person as we can adjust the camera to see clearly instead of moving our chairs. The sounds are loud and clear. The teaching is amazing.

We can even see clearly how the tip move. Isn’t that fantastic?

Hi, I’m moving to Taoyuan ,Johgli to be exact and want to know if anyone knows a school where they teach Mandarin. The school has to be one that is recognized by the government so there is no problem if I need to get my visa extended. If anyone knows of any such schools it would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

I know National Central University(Chung Yang Da Hsui) has that lesson you want.
Here is a web site: pc1.lc.ncu.edu.tw/english/class.html
Hope it’s useful for you.


Any suggestions welcome, as most people I have talked to can only think of Taipei for classes.


OK, its sad I know, But I’ll reply.

I found this web site detailing some courses offered pc1.lc.ncu.edu.tw/english/index.html

Quite a number of learning chinese sites (the above included) have the specific course details written in CHINESE. Is this the ultimate is immersion learning or something - what’s with that? I mean if I could read the damn details I wouldn’t need to go to the course?!?!

Does anyone know of any Chinese tutors in the Nankan, Taoyuan area? It would have to be someone with experience teaching foreigners Chinese and who is available in the evenings maybe twice a week.

Group home page: groups.yahoo.com/group/joanne65027

one of my old bushibans chinese teachers is supposed to be back from a course in taipei where she actually learned something about teaching chinese to non-chinese speakers. i have not attended chinese classes taught by her, but we did teach in the same classroom for a year, and i found her to be articulate and interesting. her english is also excellent, as she lived in australia for some time. i consider this to be important in choosing a teacher. (the link in the other post is not something that would entice me :s )

there’s another lady who is teaching a bunch of foreigners in chung li and taoyuan, forget her name at the moment … she’s been doing a good job for some time now.

i will try to locate their numbers, but i won’t post them out of respect to their privacy. you’ll have to pm me with your info.

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Thanks for the reply.

I actually have found a tutor now along with a few others so if anyone is looking for a tutor you can PM me and i’ll give you the details.

Hi, I am desperately looking for a chinese teacher in Taoyuan, my schedule doesnt allow me to go to Taipei. I found a place that teaches one on one classes in Taoyuan for 400 an hour. Is that a good deal? or should I try something else? I have been teaching myself but its useless. Thanks for all help. eetkreef@yahoo.com

You’re refering to the small place beside the electronics store and across from the Starbucks right? If you can find someone to go with you, the price goes down per person (to about 300 per hour-- and lower for each additional person you can get to join the group). Unfortunately, Taoyuan is limited in terms of availability of foreigner Chinese classes. The universities in Neili and Zhongli have classes, but you may not want every day with homework. The Mandarin daily news in Zhongli is reputed to have foreigner Chinese classes. The one in Taoyuan city does not. I did Taipei for a while and found it to be somewhat workable. An express into Taipei takes about 40-5 minutes and there are schools right around the main station. Another thing I did was to have Chinese coworkers and friends teach me in exchange for lunch or coffee at Starbucks.

TS - can you give me directions to this place behind the electronics store that teaches Chinese?

Just to update the record here, I replied to the pm you sent. It’s right beside the Daichi electronics store. Let me know here or by pm, if you can’t find it. I had a business card once with a street address on it. I can either (hopefully) locate the business card again (I’ve misplaced it somewhere) or drop by the place and get the address if you are unable to locate it.

I know where the Daichi store is. It’s hard to miss actually.

Yes, but the buxiban is easy to miss. Firstly, the sign is mostly in Chinese and gives little indication on its own that the place will teach foreigners. What made me go in and ask was one part of the sign had 中国話 followed by an English translation: “Chinese.” I also found out that they used 国 instead of 國 because they service a lot of Japanese students who read simplified characters. They will do one on one and small group instruction for foreigners as well, hence the one word of English on the sign. However, if you want a group class, you’ll have to get your friends to come. Otherwise, they offer tutors one on one.