Learning Chinese in Taoyuan

Thats great. I believe we have around 3-4 that are keen, so that may work out waaaaay better than heading into Taipei a few times a week.

Absolutely. Doing Taipei every day really wore me out. It also made me not want to go there on days off because I got sick of the commute. There are some really good deals on courses in Taipei; but the commute, and the time it takes, makes it unsustainable for most of us living in the peach garden.

Are you living in Taoyuan?
Do you want to study Chinese but don’t want to travel to Taipei after work?

We are hoping to set up some group classes in Taoyuan city, perhaps other places in this area too if appropriate, for foriegners to study Chinese.

We are open to suggestions but it’s likely we will follow the Practical Audio Visual Chinese books in class.

Depending on numbers we may be able to organise a venue to so these classes can be a bit more formal.

If you are interested send a PM, with your level of Chinese and the times you are free, to either truant or me and we’ll see what we can do.

I’ll post here as well as the pm. Count me in as an interested party. I’m probably high beginner to mid-level in terms of character recognition, speaking and listening. In the book series you want to use, I’d probably be in book 2 up or book 2 down. I have nights and and some mornings available.

In addition to formal tutoring, we’re also hoping to be able to have get togethers with the objective of practicing on each other (er…Chinese that is) on a regular basis to supplement the lessons.

I am also into it, but I’d rate myself at beginer
(know pinyin, not bomofo)

Quick update:

At the minute we have about 10 people interested in classes. Most in the evenings after 6/7pm.

There is definately enough for a beginners class and most probably a class a little more advanced, perhaps starting halfway through book 1 of the audio-visual book series.

We’ve checked out that school near Taoyuan train station and it looks alright.

The prices are as follows

1 student $400 per hour
2 students $300 per hour per person
3 students $267 per hour per person

However I think we will be able to negotiate a discount.

The school teaches the Practical Audio-Visual Chinese books and although they will teach in pinyin they prefer to use the Mandarin Phonetic Symbols (b p m). They also suggest a class load of two 2 hour sessions per week.

If anyone is still interested and hasn’t PM’d yet, can you do so before the weekend so we can get this going. Send me your level of abilty, email and free time too.

Ok, finally got these classes going.

The first will begin Tuesday 8th March and will be on Tuesday and Thursday evenings 7-9pm from then on. This will start at about chapter 10 of the Practical Audio-Visual Chinese book 1 (although there will be some reviewing done too). If you are still interested in this class E-mail / PM me.

The second will also be evenings after 7pm (not sure which days) due to begin on the week starting March 21st. This will be a complete beginners class, starting with Chinese phonetics then using the Practical Audio-Visual Chinese book from chapter 1. There are currently quite a few people in this class so we might need to split into two if everyone follows through with their interest. PM me or truant if you haven’t already.

Also a couple of people mentioned they would like to study a beginners class in the mornings, if you are interested in joining that group PM me and I’ll pass on your details.

The Language Center is located on 4F-1 No24, Datong Rd., Taoyuan. you can call 0915363083.

The Language Center is located on 4F-1 No24, Datong Rd., Taoyuan. you can call 0915363083.

Do you want to learn Chinese in Taoyuan? Our teachers are all native speakers and have many teaching Chinese experiences. If you would like to improve your Chinese, please contact our Chinese coordinator. For more information, please visit our website at home.pchome.com.tw/education/tea … /index.htm



I work in a IT company in taoyuan but live in Taipei. I am also looking for le. I had post several days but still can’t find one. If you have interests you could send me a mail:

or msn:

you guys can also ask Sidney Language School (雪黎語文) near the Police station – that place where you go to renew your ARC… The school is in the Citibank building. The address is 4F, No. 110 Xianfu Rd. 縣府路110號4樓. Telephone is (03)3382080. If enough people want to learn, they will open a class for you. The teachers are very nice. :slight_smile:

I am learning Chinese with Iris Lo at Teacher Chung’s language center near the Taoyuan train station. In the coming weeks I will begin studying the second Shi Da book (the green one). If someone would be interested in studying at this level and wants to share the cost of the teacher, please PM me.

The classes are between 7 and 9 in the evening, two times a week, Tuesday and Thursday.

Does anyone know if there are Chinese classes available in Taoyuan, whether at a University or at a buxiban/language school?


Chung’s Language School is in Taoyuan. It’s not a university, just a small language center. I studied there before I moved to Taipei and would reccomend it. The teacher I had was better than any I’ve had at the bigger langauge schools in Taipei.

Contact: Iris - yuanting8@hotmail.com

Or send a PM to ratlung or truant as I’m sure they could help you (They have moved since I studied there)

Great. Thanks very much!


I’ve started Chinese lessons twice a week and am seeking a classmate.
Private lesson could be flexible, but quite boring. If you are looking for a Chinese class in Nankan, pls PM me. Also, pls take a look at the following details:

level: beginner
learning material: Audio-Visual Chinese book 1, (done up to Chapter 3)
time: Tue & Thu, from 13:30 - 15:00/ day
Place: Language School near Tai Mall
fee: NTD 500/hour (for Private lesson, so we can negotiate for a group lesson)

A coworker of mine passed me this pamphlet earlier today. It seems there is another option for learners in Taoyuan. Taipei Language Institute now has a Taoyuan branch. :bravo: A little late considering I lived on XianFu road for two frikken years. Still, I’ll call them and see if they have any classes at my level. Both National Central and ZhongYuan universities in Zhongli lack classes beyond basic levels. Maybe TLI can give me a decent tutor or something.

Hmm… now I dunno. Maybe it’s just an option for beginners. I was checking their site and it seems they just have some Sunday survival course at the moment. It also doesn’t appear to be a full fledged branch of TLI, just a course being done in an adult English cram school. Too good to be true. :frowning: