Learning Chinese

Hi everyone,

does anyone here have any advice about effective ways to learn Chinese?


Make a bf/gf who does not speak English so much.

It’s either:

  • to do someone
  • to make love with someone

“To make someone” is off.

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Where those mice were gone?

They were banned.


Going to any Chinese forum, instead of coming here.

I would say, with Chinese more than any other language I’ve learnt or tried to learn, don’t be afraid of looking and sounding like a moron. Assuming English is your first language, you will sound like a moron when you attempt to speak Chinese because of those bastard tones. People won’t understand you, they might even laugh at you, but you have to get over it because you improve when you make mistakes. You can’t be shy or self-conscious when you learn Chinese.

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Tones, it helps when you’re good at singing or play an instrument.

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Any recommendation for one? Sounds like a good idea, and id like to try it actually not sure where is the best place to go though

I don’t know what you are interested in, but this site is somehow similar to here.


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爆廢公社 or any other爆style clubs on fb…

Yahoo answers used to be fun, until the netizens dumbed down to the level of trolls. it became hard to have a laugh and distinguish which ones are trolls, which ones are dumb for real.

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I couldn’t carry a tune to save my life, and I don’t play any instruments, but my tones are excellent.

Good for you, I’d try the guitar if I were you, unless you’re short a few fingers. :wink:

No thanks. Don’t want calluses on my fingers.

Interestingly, one of the most impressive Chinese speakers who come from a western country (Julien Gaudfroy, see Youtube) was a musician. He said it really helped him to learn the language.

This must be how I sound to a Mandarin speaker :smiley: 10/10 for memory and effort though

Well, you can make friends, and you can make a friend (assuming you have a basic level of social skills), so why can’t you make a boyfriend/girlfriend?

He also invested several thousand hours into learning the language.

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Wait there are tones ?! :scream::scream::scream:

Of course, that goes without saying :wink:

Did you learn Chinese as a child?