Learning Chinese

I am looking for a few people who are looking at learning chinese at the beginners level to join me in a group class to lower the tuition class. Or if anyone have any suggestion where i can study chinese at night, please let me know.

Puffy, did you try searching through the archives for schools? If that’s too tough, try tomorrows English newspapers.

Where u based man? Taipei? If so give us a shout need to brush up on my Chinese

I am based in Taipei, I currently work in Taipei and have no such chinese what so ever, still interest in a beginners class, then email me at tom.nguyen@adlintech.com

Wrong email address, send to thuong_100@hotmail.com

I’ll be starting one this Fall, if anybody is interested. There have been numerous previous posts on what I do and how I do it, so I won’t waste bandwidth (db space) repeating it here. PM me if you need more info. A group of like-minded beginners would be great.