Learning French Language in Taiwan

What schools in Taipei area have French language classes? How are the classes and teachers?

Shida has classes but their Chinese classes suck (personal experienced opinion) so probably worse for French language instruction especially if Taiwanese non-French-native teachers.

Alliance France has classes. How are they?


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So… how’d you meet her?
Used sign language?

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How come .gif like this don’t gif?


You mean “French Alliance”?


How motivated are you?

If you have lots of self discipline, maybe consider taking online courses.

I’m actually asking for a friend who, for some reason, wants to take French class.

My French is fine.

I liked the one here in South, Kaohsuing Alliance France so I guess Taipei should be the same or even bigger. Besides language they offer lots activities and films. They also have online too.

I went to Alliance Française for 2 years. Overall experience was positive, especially considering the price (5000 for 2 months, 6 hours each week).

Typically the beginner classes (A1-B1) would be taught by Taiwanese instructors, who are usually more thorough and organised in their instructions. The more advanced classes (B1-C1) would be taught by French instructors, who are more casual.


Not French, but learned German at Goethe institute in Taipei. Cost is about the same (6000nt for 2 months). Learning was very fast because the Taiwanese teacher is actually very organized.

Why’d you study German, TL?

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As it was previously mentioned, how serious is your friend about it? Does she/he want to do face to face classes? How many hours per week? And also consider private tutors, easier to switch if you don’t like the teacher ^^.

Probably because he wants an extra smidgen of Young Werther in addition to all his Oliver Twist drama lol

For luthier apprenticeships?

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