Learning spoken Chinese

Can anyone recommend a school for conversational Chinese? Been to shida, with the focus on read’en and write’n… don’t want that again. I want the fastest way to spoken Chinese.

And yes, I know about privates, language exchange, and youtube… looking for a class with an agressive schedule to learn.

maybe you can check this school

LTL Mandarin School Taiwan
No. 29, Lane 78, Section 1, Anhe Rd, Da’an, Taipei
Tel: +886 (2) 27555007
Email: taiwan@ltl-school.com


I don’t have any experience about this school ,but they focus in conversational Chinese as well have some good reviews

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Also TLI.

The school isn’t going to make you learn effective Mandarin any faster, you are.

Thanks! That looks good. I will follow up with then.

A thought just occurred to me. When I was on mainland China some years ago it was common to call everyone who’s name you didn’t know ‘mei nu’ or ‘shuai ge’ (regardless of their attractiveness). I thought this was both a nice thing to do and incredibly convenient. I don’t otherwise know how to say ‘hey, you!’ in Mandarin.

Can I do this in Taiwan, or should I say something else?

These schools classes generally don’t require you to write or read and no tests. Some effort is needed to keep up when talking or reading from book in class. They teach, and up to you how much effort you want to learn.

TMI and others have facilitated classes available and most will adjust or set up according to your desires which matches other people’s.

Probably the best thing to do is walk in tell them you’re looking for and they will maybe have something immediately or something coming up or in development once have a few students interested in the same thing.

They’re all so close to each other you can probably visit all of them within a couple hours.

I am a Chinese teacher, and I think you can try ALG, Automatic Language Growth, to learn spoken Chinese.
You will learn Chinese in easy and plain Chinese.
ALG Mandarin Online provides some previous classes on its website:

Perhaps, it helps you develop your listening and speaking skill more.

I’ve found "qua sa shao: to be a real icebreaker.

can you help out with meaning and pronunciation? i can read pinyin but find the transliterations here not intuitive

For starters it’s Taiwanese . . . and if you really want to fit in in Taiwan you should know a little Taiwanese.

lol, like that post from a year ago when I just arrived that you were responding to, where I was asking a specific question about language use in Taiwan?

Anyways, thanks for nothing on the meaning and pronunciation of your handle. I’ll just continue smiling and waving until I learn something more useful :wink:

I’m not a language teacher so I can only point you in the right direction. Ask somebody who really knows about meaning and pronunciation to teach so you don’t end up with any bad habits.

“Qua sa shao” means “What are you looking at? (Literally)” and used to be used by young gangster or little kid. And it becomes a funny express to make listener feel friendly as you mentioned it is kind of “icebreaker.”

That’s hilarious.