Learning Taiwanese?

Anyone learning Taiwanese?
Just came across this site.
I’m not sure how to pronounce this bizarre sort of pinyin.


Maybe our moderator should actually read the previous postings before starting “new” topics…

Maybe someone so “super” (SuperS54) should learn to express him/herself in a more socially appropriate way.


e-mail the moderator of this group (me) to express your outrage, after which time I will move the post to the appropriate thread (assuming, of course, I learn how to do so.)

Meanwhile, I believe I speak for everyone in saying that we will treat this incident with full sternness. Alien, I’m sorry we have to do this, but we are going to dock you a whole week’s moderator pay. Don’t snivel or I’ll cut 2 weeks’ pay.


Suitably chastised, Super adds some smilies to convey his originally intended tongue in cheekness before scurrying away, lest he again incurr the Iron ones wrath…

Fair enough. In fact, so well put that I shall split with you the salary we wrest away from Alien.

(Actually, the Romanization system on that Web page is enough to incur anyone’s wrath!)


Sorry, but Alien has been so busy she hasn’t had the time to read other postings on this subject, nor keep a close eye on the ones in the ‘teaching’ forum for that matter. This topic started as a brain fart when I came across the site while doing a search on ‘Taiwanese language learning styles’. Very little came up apart from that and will have to revert to the journal articles, it appears, unfortunately supplying very little info thus far.

How the heck do you use that Taiwanese pinyin anyway?
I have always been interested in learning Taiwanese although I have no time for that endeavour at the moment. It seems useful here in Taiwan as a massive percentage of the population chooses this tongue rather than Mandarin, or there is a great deal of codeswitching between the two languages.
*Codeswitching means switching back and forth between languages during discourse for those who haven’t spent the last year and a half researching SLA. (second language acquisition).
Please don’t dock my moderator income! I can’t afford a pay cut!

We… I… uhhh… hmmm… you guys (ironlady and Alien) aren’t um… MOCKING US… are you?! If you continue to discuss your moderator salaries publicly we may have to dock both of your pay accordingly.

(ironlady I’m just joking, please don’t dock my pay too… lol)

Mocking, Christine?
Noooope! This is a great job…

Psst, Ironlady, are they paying you more since you have a PHD?

What? They told me that after long consideration, they had agreed to overlook the Ph.D. and let me play with the other kids, as long as I play nicely. Anyway, I thought it would be nice to be paid in stock shares. Some company that starts with an “E”…what was it? Enrice? Enrat? Enroy? Can’t remember…

Seriously, the only Romanization system for Taiwanese that I can even begin to understand is the Church Romanization system. These newfangled things where they add ‘silent q’ to show this or that really confuse me. There are a lot of nice web sites out there that I just can’t USE because of that. Maybe someday I’ll sit down and figure it all out. That would make a nice Palm app, although with a somewhat limited appeal…


Is there a site somewhere that explains the pronounciation of Church Romanisation?