Learning the Language

Is there a website or App that is best for learning mandarin on the go? I saw a site once that translated and gave an audio version of how to say it. that was on my phone. are there other sites like that

I run a website out of Taichung: ChineseLearnOnline.com that lets you download audio lesson to your iPod / Mobile device. We also have a few iPhone apps to help you learn Chinese.

I can vouch for this course, it is really very helpful and suits me well.

does anyone know a good place to get free podcasts or free apps which are good for my chinese learning?

google.com/#hl=en&tbo=d&scl … 66&bih=648

Google really is your friend for this kind of thing.

The podcasts that are out there are mostly more or less the same, as are the language schools in Taiwan. Everyone seems to take the same approach, by and large. Small differences in pricing or exactly what “support materials” are available, but for the most part you’ll get a happy-happy theme song, a dialogue, and some chat.