Learning the rules of the road in China

If you thought for any reason that the roads in Taiwan are chaotic, Learning the rules of the road in China can dispel any sense of that notion. With more than a thousand new car drivers every day in Beijing alone, it’s getting out of control there.

In Beijing, the people will yell at you if you stop at a red light. If someone misses their exit on a freeway, they don’t just get off at the next off-ramp. They will actually put their car into reverse and back up to their exit. On the freeway.

Well, that’s just the beginning of it. You will laugh when you read some of the questions on China’s written driving test. For example:

What should you do when a bicyclist grabs onto your vehicle?
If your vehicle lights on fire, should you put it out with a fire extinguisher or with your cotton T-shirt?
Should you blow your horn in areas where blowing your horn is prohibited?

Some people say that Taiwan is the Renegade Province. Personally, I think that it’s those folks on the mainland who are the true outlaws and rebels.

Erm, I’m pretty sure all those apply in Taiwan too. I’ve personally seen the first two many, many times.