Leaving a job / breaking a contract

Some of the people in the middle can be the most toxic. I watched many people I know go from teacher to Academic Manager and change into exactly the kind of person they used to dislike.


Yeah but it’s usually the lose above the who push them into acting this way. Or if not, it’s their responsibility for not correcting their new attitude/behavior

Yes, for sure there can be a force to do that. Ultimately, we make a choice as to our own behaviours. You can always leave, and many do. Where appropriate, I make it known that what is being asked of me is toxic/dysfunctional/harmful. A lot of people wont say anything, they’ll just comply, and become the person that pushes it down to others.

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Does anyone know, when I leave my job, the contract is canceled, and I begin the process to get the bridging ARC, if my health insurance/insurance was prepaid for the following month, can I still use that? Or is it void once the contract is terminated?

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