Leaving a job during COVID-19

Hi all,

I’m stuck between a rock and hard spot with the cram school I’m at. The charged office politics have put me in a situation were I can’t go a week without issues with the management. I know they want me out, but wont let me go. So it’s been a super stressful situation. Would anyone know if I’ll be able to stay in Taiwan if I quit? Or, if it’s a good time to search for jobs? Normally I wouldn’t worry, but the current state of things is freaking me out.

Always have a new job lined up before quitting an old one, regardless the circumstances.


Just like with girlfriends…usually.


Do you really want to go home right now? Try to make nice with your boss for now.

If you really need to quit… Well, since Taiwan isn’t letting in any foreigners now (and a few dumb ones probably fled Taiwan before the USA became the new epicenter), there might be more buxiban vacancies than usual. :man_shrugging:


I’m in the same boat. I was about to open a new thread on the topic.

My problem is the political issues between the family of the owners. They have their daughter trying to manage things but the parents still interfere. Each one is telling me different things. Yes I can, no I can’t do the same thing etc. the English from the daughter is terrible-spelling, gramma, syntax. I know I’m not perfect but at least I spell things correctly.

The daughter has talking to watching my classes via the camera and telling a Chinese admin what she wants me to teach.
Then the mom or dad will walk in and tell me something completely different, then the manager will walking and yell at my kids for doing something while we are playing a game, like hiding under a desk for example. Playing Marco Polo.

The children are confused, I’m confused and the parents are complaining. Then the mom and daughter blame me for the parents complaining.

I want to leave but the class of kids had 4 teachers last semester and I’m not about to fail them like that.

But I know know why then changed teachers so much.

Also, I’m reaching some of the children and they are finally passing the none stop quiz’s they expect the kids to do.

Anyway, good luck I understand your situation and I hope you can resolve it.


There can be a lot of political bullshit going on in a school. If you can ignore it an rise above it you have achieved something great. Don’t think that your next buxiban job will be better. It’s the culture.

What’s some advice to rise above it. Do I just ignore the family and do my own thing and let the results of the non stop quiz’s speak for me?

I’m looking for help. All my pervious experience is working in America and Europe where it’s ok to be assertive. Here it’s all passive aggressiveness. I’m having trouble dealing with it.

Congratulations! You managed to find yourself one of the most stereotypical, Taiwanese crams school to work for. Micromanaging, not knowing what the fuck they’re doing yet pretending to know everything, contradict each other, and when all else fails, blame you.

I don’t see them changing their behavior anytime soon. It would be too embarrassing for any of them to admit they know nothing. Considering the current situation in Taiwan, I’d suggest getting a new job. Lots of schools looking for teachers and now is the time. It sucks for your students, but as I said, these people are not going to change. Jump ship.


Yes, it is the culture here, but not all schools are as dysfunctional. There are probably worse ones and some that are not that bad.

So is that the reason teachers move schools each year?

Also, what questions should I ask, behaviors should I looks for when selecting a new school.

On the other hand, the source of the dysfunction is so blatant in this case, you might be able to broach it with them. “Look she told me to do one thing, you’re telling me to do a totally different thing, wtf am I supposed to do” is a concept that transcends culture. Unless they’re just so invested in their war that they don’t care.

I’ve showed them the line messages then the story changes again.

It’s very tiring. I only needed to be here for six months to get my girlfriends residential visa ready so we can live in my home country. I only got work so I didn’t need to do the visa runs. Turn s out good choice but horrible reason why getting work was a good choice.

She keeps saying let’s move back now. Unfortunately it’s safer fir us to be here. Such amazing timing.

Too begin it’s important to recognize your worth. Half of the teachers here play a game where they show up to the school and do the least amount possible to not get fired. If they know you are serious about teaching they will show you more respect.

Back home you probably had ten people waiting to take your job. In Taiwan, that isn’t the case. Foreign teachers are limited especially if you are a legit native speaker. If you want to assert yourself give it a try.

This sounds like a situation where you can choose either fight or flight.

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I keep saying to myself only x number of weeks to go.

I’ll see how i feel after the short week and make the decision over the long weekend.

This has little to do with him trying to do a good job. The knuckleheads running the school are the problem and it’s highly unlikely they they’ll just turn around and say, “you know, this guy is really doing a good job. Let’s just shut up and focus on getting our own shit together.” Somehow this does not strike me as a typical solution in a dysfunctional Taiwanese company. Not impossible, but highly unlikely.

The “WTF” approaches can definitely transcend culture, but when there’s a pissing contest going on between a bunch of idiots and nobody wants to compromise out of fear of losing face then you’re “up shit’s creek” as the French would say.

Well, if it’s only another month or two, then just bite the bullet and put up with the idiots.

Yep, that’s what I said as well. But, it’s not written in stone that it has to be that way.

It is one of the main reasons. I’ve only taught at one cram school for 9 years. I was lucky but think my boss learned from many of his stupid mistakes. He and his wife still say and do really stupid things, but luckily I just ignore most of it and do my thing. Being a foreigner does have its advantages. I just pretend to not understand things.

If you go for an interview at another school, ask them how long other teachers have been working there. Why do they leave? Who makes decisions and how many people? Tell them you can’t have 3 different people saying 3 different things. You’re willing to listen and learn, but not play these silly games.

It’s until the end of semester.

Also, 3 kids in the class last semester did not pass one quiz in their first go (not the kids fault) So far this semester they have pass each one. So I feel I’m doing a good job.

I was speaking with some Taiwanese friends this afternoon and they said that this is typical Taiwanese boss behavior and they can’t wait to move back overseas to work. Doh!

I need to be here until the situation with corona virus calms down. So I will look for another job. On 104 or something there is lots of tutor jobs so many be I will apply for one of those with the help of friends since I don’t speak a word of Chinese.