Leaving job in the middle of ARC

Hey all,

I can’t find exact information about this situation, so I’m making a thread. I’ve been in Taiwan for a bit and my original contract/ARC/work permit are coming to an end, I’m now being asked about renewal. Issues and questions with my work contract I can figure out on my own, but I’m wondering what happens if, say, I get a permit/ARC for 4 years, and then 3 years down the line I decide to change jobs and/or leave Taiwan?

Why would you get a 4 year work permit? Slightly unusual. But it’s irrelevant. If you want to leave you give notice as per the contract and the permit and ARC are cancelled.

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Unusual how?

Up to 5 years is for foreign special professionals. For foreign professionals, it is up to 3 years.

Ah right, I just chose a random number. Same situation if I get a 3 year permit and leave after 2 years, yes? Then why wouldn’t I get one for the maximum amount of time to give myself more flexibility?

It costs more? Are you paying for the ARC yourself?

Yeah, paying myself. But aside from the initial fee to get it there’s no difference, right? Besides, if I remember right, the fee isn’t exorbitant.

Yeah, you actually save over time I think.