Leaving my job early

In a nutshell, my job is so different to when I started that I no longer recognize it. I am in effect given so much to do that is unrelated to teaching that I am doing almost another 75% of my hours again, unpaid. There is no longer effective communication. Huge workloads or changes of plan are dropped on my desk a short time before being due / a planned course of action starting. The communication has broken down, and I am now hopping between classes to teach because the employer doesn’t want to pay two teachers. And I am expected to achieve the same results or better. I feel like my hands are tied. In addition, non-curriculum related stuff keeps finding its way into my class teaching time, eating away at the time available to have my kids ready for exams.

In a nutshell, I want out. It is a few months before my contract is up, but I just can’t take any more. I also have an employer interested in me, and he is a person I can trust with a good reputation. I am giving my employer two weeks notice, and have made sure that an able person (current employee with not enough hours) is willing to pick up my mantle, and be trained (by myself). How much time do I have to get a new work permit IF my current employer rages and fires me on the spot (he did that to someone a few years ago).

I wish I could avoid this, but enough is enough and I am getting into depression because I am so unhappy.