Leaving Neverland



Except this is not a criminal trial anymore. Everyone gets to call it as they see it and most people see it as a pretty clear case of pedophilia.


How can you watch the documentary?



These accusations have been going on and off for over 20 years. It seams to be following the same process.

MJ touched me - your just after money - something comes to light about his relationships with children - He is still innocent, he is misunderstood - its a coverup and people being payed off.

I would be interested in reading the correspondence between his estate and their legal representatives over that time scale. I don’t know if that is possible, but if there has been some sort of cover up, wouldn’t these people still be liable for prosecution.

If the accusations are true, then isn’t it time the people who enabled him be made accountable,
and if they are false what have they got to hide?


Good questions. In the UK the same occurred in the Jimmy Saville case. The official enquiries are still ongoing. 32 hospitals at last count under investigation.


Just started it. Haven’t really gone into it yet.


Oops. No. HBO.


If I recall correctly this was also expanded to the entertainment industry (operation yew tree) and some Police and local governments are also being looked at.


To watch it you’d need to access illegal Torrent sites, which are illegal and therefore there is no way I would recommend you do that. :neutral_face:


In all honesty, I am more interested with what’s happening with R Kelly than this.

The problem I have in this is that MJ is already dead. The primary culprit can’t speak for himself nor be persecuted.

Who’s next? Elvis?


That is a totally pointless remark. You just thought up a random celebrity name. This is not random. The same as with Jimmy Saville rumors swirled for years and people close to MJ knew some very, very weird shit was going on.


How is it a totally pointless remark?

If say, the rumor is true and been proven, what are we going to do? Are we going to dig up MJ’s grave and put his skeleton in the jail? The whole thing is chasing against nothing. All these allegations should get resolved before the actual accused is dead. Otherwise, there’s nothing you can do. Because the guy is DEAD. DEAD. DEAD.


MJ reminds me more of Barry Bennell than Saville. He groomed the kids while Saville used force.


What we can do is know the truth. Is that so hard to comprehend?

What we are learning from all these cases is that parents shouldn’t trust their children to persons in positions of power. Priests, football coaches, celebrities, scouts’ leaders etc. etc.


But how do we know what is the truth without actually getting clarification from the accused himself?

You have two sides of the story. MJ side, his own personal side, you won’t ever hear, since he is DEAD. Now, what is truth if you have incomplete story?


Why? Why do you need a case like MJ to NOT entrust YOUR children to ANYONE other than yourself?


Good question. Answer should be obvious. It’s not.


Or that parents should show a modicum of common sense. Like, if a male adult flies you 1st class, gives you loads of gifts and money, and then wants to sleep with your son he’s probably a bad 'un.

But I guess MJ wasn’t targeting parents with common sense.


To be fair, he was the biggest pop star on the planet. I think people found the attention overwhelming.

But yeah, you’d think people would at some point go, hang on, most rock stars are out there banging groupies. Why is MJ so keen on having sleep overs with seven-year-olds? And why do our hotel rooms get further and further away from his?