Leaving Neverland


This was the most mind-boggling thing about it all to me. I’m trying to imagine what I would do if one of the most famous people ever asked to be in intimate settings with my child, and I would still say hell no. Not even someone I really admire. Not even if I thought they could mentor my child and put them on a path toward success. I would still be like, what the hell are you talking about? No, he can’t sleep in the same room as you. Why the hell would you even ask?

I remember one of the mothers talking about how she got really nervous all of a sudden at one point after leaving her son alone with MJ at Neverland, and trying to call but getting no answer. That was the only glimmer of sanity I remembered either of them displaying. Otherwise it was like a free-for-all.


Parent shouldn’t trust their kids to anyone. Especially no sleepovers. Sounds harsh but if you can’t sacrifice that for parenthood better not have kids. Children sexual abuse consequences go on for life nd future generations. There is no way around it even with treatment one just get learn how to cope. It is pretty sad.

Back home girls have sleep overs all the time. I don’t trust anyone. Unless the kid is a very strong minded 17 yr old then she can go sleep in a friends house, and that’s only if I know the parents very well. Not only man but also women abuse children. If you see the statistics we are living close to at least 1 pedophile. Nobody talks about it and victims take their whole life to come forward if at all.

Edit: I still wouldn’t allow sleep overs if I am not in the house as a parent too. You want to spend more time with your fiends? Fine, pick up the latest and come in the morning. No private settings. No 1-on-1 opportunities. Just not.


You guys said it well enough.

But also, I don’t think these parents were thinking the worst thing when these things are happening. They are victims as well.


Yeah, it’s been commented on that MJ groomed not just the kids but also the parents.


Haven’t seen the documentary.

The parents were willing to rent their children to Jackson. Hollywood has more than a century’s worth of history as a home to like-minded parents, people who saw their children as little more than meal tickets to be exploited for $$ by the entertainment industry. The parents of these two guys are probably of the type, and Hollywood is a city of industry that has always looked out for the film industry (for better or worse).

Did anybody really learn anything from the documentary? It was pretty clear what was going on at Neverland in 1993; this has been common knowledge for the last quarter century (at least).

Is it possible that people are somehow shocked by this documentary?


Yes it is possible. Maybe watch the doco. One of the two families were Australian, so your theory falls a little flat.


What did you learn that was news to you?


Unobtainium in Taiwan, legally anyway.


That it was so blatant. I thought it was playdates at the ranch but he was taking these kids on tour with him and they were in effect a couple. So here’s this guy openly walking around with a seven-year-old boyfriend…


For people who weren’t there, or weren’t old enough, it’s almost impossible to appreciate how completely unwilling the public was to believe that their beloved Savilles, Gary Glitters, MJs, Arthur C Clarkes, and, yes, clergy, could be such monsters. Remember this was before (or around the same time as) your Donahues and Oprahs and Geraldos were just beginning the agonizing process of tearing these massive scabs off, revealing the grotesque wounds underneath.
As obviously skeevy as Jacko’s whole shtick looks to us today, his creepy “never grow up” thing was a large part of his charm.
He grew up in everyone’s living room, we knew him since he was practically a toddler, how could he be bad?
Your Ozzys, Alices, and Sids, OK, they were nasty rockarollas, but little Michael, he was cute and cuddly.

On top of all that, you can get into the whole nother can of worms about the fucking bazillions of dollars he was making for basically a small nation of people, none of whom had any desire to derail the gravy train.


I believe one of the reasons Jackson decided to settle the 1993 lawsuit was because the gardener on Neverland (or some such, memory is a bit faded) was willing to testify that he’d seen Jackson perform oral sex on a 13-year old boy.

I don’t think this became public knowledge until Jackson’s 2005 trial, and I can’t recall exactly where or how I learned this, but I’m not sure how news that’s even more graphic could hurt Jackson’s reputation.


This is what the cops were up against:

Very odd line of questioning. I assume the cop was trying to set a trap, and his lawyer cut him off right from the start.


There are conversations on youtube, secretly recorded phone calls of him talking about all his brothers and dad banging groupies and cheating. He was disgusted by it. His dad was abusive too, even sexually to his sisters apparently. Which makes it even worse if he did touch the kids. I think we can at least all agree he was not into women though. Thats pretty much obvious.




He’s also clearly drugged up.


Children sexual abusers prey on the weak and defenseless. Most of them will look like the perfect citizen, family member, etc. they definitely do not look or behave like complete sexual freaks. A bar drunk who likes to flirt with all the women is more unlikely to get sexual pleasure from children than an exemplary hidden monster father or pastor or whatever, because their problem is in the mind and they try to conceal as best as they can.


We know this now. of course. Back then nobody did.


I’m amazed anyone is even debating whether or not he was a nonce. Grown man sleeping with 7 year old boys. I don’t doubt he was set up too, but I don’t doubt he abused kids too.


Michael Jackson responds to “Leaving Neverland”, by Kyle Dunnigan


The interview must have been conducted after his nose job. Either that, or it’s been chewed on by his pet chihuahua.