Leaving Neverland


jimmy saville.


Never knew about this Jimmy guy since I didn’t grow up in britland but I just googled his name and all I can say is holy shit.


He was my idol as a kid. I dreamed about sitting on his knee and getting a medal.


Well, after what I’ve read, I’m glad your dream did not come true. For your own sake.


Yes, I was lucky.


So as for MJ, yes he is dead. But the victims and the family members are still alive.



ok i started watching it, (i just googled it on youtube and its there) and now i’m stuck going down the rabbit hole.

if you read all the details it seems very hard to deny. a decent amount of porn was found at his house, including gay porn and books with photos of naked boys. there was even a photo found of one his boys naked as a child. sure it might not be hardcore child porn but it puts to rest the claims he is an innocent child like figure( i believe all the ‘innocent’ befriending of boys was hiding in plain sight) . and after that you only need to put 2 and 2 together to get your answer about him.


Yeah the evidence put forth in the documentary is pretty damning as it is, but if you have the stomach to delve further it only gets worse.


absolutely. there is tons of it. and then theres the things we already know which just seem ridiculous when you look at further, such as him paying off one of the kids for 25 million…