Leaving outstanding bills in Taiwan

I am at my wits end with a particular cell phone SP. I am leaving in a matter of days and still have an outstanding bill with them. After repeated attempts to have them send me a detailed bill, I have not received it.
I am forced to abandon this bill out of frustration rather than out of delinquency.

Can anyone tell me if they have heard of any consequences for such nastiness in Taiwan?

Specifically my question is: do people get black-listed with immigration after abondoning bills and traffic fines?


I don’t know. I doubt it very much.

I just want to raise a related point. If Taiwan Dageda give you a printout of your calls (mine was one double-sided sheet) they charge you 50NT. Are there any laws in taiwan against this. I would expect it to be at least a grey area. Soemone has to tell you waht they’re billing you for right, and although I expect they are allowed to charge for the cost of this, 50NT for one sheet of paper is a bit ridiculous.


Well I think they are tying to bring in legislation to curb foreigners leaving the country with outstanding fines for motor offences.

I had fines unpaid and I still got my ARC and those bills were well overdue

Right, there is now some discussion in the press on the government’s plans to deal with foreigners who have unpaid speeding, parking, etc. vehicle violations and who leave the country.

However, according to Article 20 of the Immigration Law, restrictions on foreigners leaving the country fall into two main areas: criminal convictions by the local courts and unpaid tax judgements. A third (minor) category would be because of involvement in some type of on-going governmental investigation.

At any rate, it would appear that debts in the private sector are not included.

I believe that the typical Taiwanese handling of such “to be paid bills” is to get a friend to collect the bills at some appropriate time in the future, and then pay them. After that, the person who has left the country reimburses the friend at some later date. It is not an ideal method, however I believe it is typical of the local mentality.