Leaving Taiwan, and my love

Time to leave, after over a year here. I can’t teach English anymore; nothing in it. I fell inlove months ago, and it just got better and better. Two, three weeks to go… how can I do it?

You’ve made your decision, what do you expect us to do about it?

So marry her. You can either find a new job in a more promising field once you get your JFRV/OWP, or you can drag her back to whence ye came.

No job? No lover?

To me, that means one thing and one thing only: an opportunity to travel! So, strap on a backpack and travel!

That must be so tough for you to have to leave your lady. I guess she’s not going back to your country with you, eh?

I feel bad for people who come here and fall in love then have to leave. But I understand love finds you in the strangest of circumstances.

Good luck, Guest.

I would feel sorry for him, if he did actually have to leave. Instead, he chose to. You made your choice son - if you don’t like the outcome, change your mind, otherwise harden up and live with it.

If you don’t want to say goodbye to your love one, try to find a job and stay!
Otherwise, prepare to pack because you feel that you can’t teach again.

Maybe we should have a contest to see who gets his love when he’s gone…?

Dating and Relationships Forum? :smiley:

Dating and Relationships Forum? :smiley:[/quote]
Sports, Fun, and Games

Flounder – she could smell like fish :smiling_imp: :wink:

With the way you all are passing her around?

Definitely the Health in Taiwan Forum.


You actually think he’s going to successfully leave!?!

dear guest, I also found out a few days ago that I will have to leave TW in a few months.

I am getting laidoff from my company (not related to english teaching or education field whatsoever) and although I am applying for jobs elsewhere, the jobs on 104.com.tw are far and few between in my field so I am not holding my hopes out too much. When I told my gf I would be getting laidoff she was in tears for hours if not days.

I too am really attached to her and considered marrying her as than I wouldn’t have issues with work permits which are an added hassle when a foreigner applies for local jobs. Yet, we both agree we should marry each other for the right reasons, and although it could happen in the future right now is defenitely not the time.

Sometimes I regret telling her, maybe I should’ve waited until a week before my flight departure, but…at least now she and I both appreciate even more the time we have together.

Love and friendships are a strange thing…and sometimes mighty inconvenient…

Bad advice. He’s been here “over a year” (ie about a year) and “fell in love months ago” (ie is infatuated with some cutey he met).

My advice is don’t even consider marrying her till you’ve known her 10 years and lived with her half of that, till you’re certain she won’t drive you mad with her funny little habits that now seem so quaint, or once the ring’s on her finger she’ll turn out to be a lazy pig, who lies all day on the couch watching TV or, worse, turns into a raging mad woman with selfish, irrational demands. As countless forumosa threads have made clear, there’s an infinite supply of attractive young ladies in Taiwan. If she’s got nice legs and a cute butt, it could take you a year to realize that actually she can be rather bitchy at times, but you just didn’t notice.

I suspect it’s not love; it’s infatuation. Dump her (nicely), go home, do whatever you have to do, look at her pictures from time to time, think about her when you masturbate, send her e-mails for a few months till you start dating some girl back home and gradually lose interest in her, and if you really NEEEED an asian woman and there aren’t enough back home, come back to Taiwan and there will be plenty of cuteys to choose from when you return.

Dear guest(s)

I know the feeling when you want a job in your field but it’s not easy to find in Taiwan and your sick of teaching english. It can be very discouraging. It is a small country and outside of english and the electronics industry other opportunities can be rare and the chinese language is a significant barrier for jobs serving local customers… I went through this process several years ago. I found a job in my field even though I didn’t know anybody, by simply contacting likely companies off the internet. However I think a compromise for a while is possible until you can find something more suitable. If you really loved her you would definitely make some compromise to see how things worked out. I made that compromise after some deliberation. Even if you are not sure what will happen why dont you try. You don’t need to get a marriage visa to find a professional job, in fact it doesn’t make a huge difference, I have been sponsored by four different organisations to work here, last time I switched my ARC in one day to the new company. As for description from previous poster of typical situation in Taiwan that’s a load of rubbish, each to their own. I think that you guys give up too easily.

Word on THAT, brother! I’ve come to realize that, 'though I don’t agree with the actions of those who go around tricking local girls into bed with the lure of a relationship (that isn’t going to actually materialize), I’ve at least come to understand the mentality of not wanting to get into a steady relationship here. Can’t say how many local girlfriends/wives of good lads I’ve seen go nasty after sufficient time. It’s like there’s this ‘nagging, controlling, materialistic superstitious bitch’ chip on a timer that’s planted in there somewhere…

My first wife was like that. She also didnt want to know any of my foreign friends if they were English teachers… too low class for her lol…

However my present wife is great, and not prone to be getting all emotional if a female clients calls for some servicing. lol

My first wife would get all moody when young women came to get their student visas or immigration papers processed. She would stew for weeks on end about how those woman had eyes for me yada yada yada lol

A good job pays the bills but it won’t keep you happy. A good woman will keep you happy even when the bills are overdue.
Don’t go if you can’t take her with you.

Wow. So…so straight-forward. So authorative. So…so manly. I think I’m in love. Do you have a truck (back in your home country)?

So Guest, the original poster:
Are you leaving?