Leaving Taiwan Sale

I’m leaving Taiwan for a while and have some items available for a very reasonable price:

  1. 37 inch HeroSonic TV with HDMI connector (screen size 82 x 42 cm). Comes with speaker / subwoofer set - NT$ 3000

  1. Chrome frame BRN-2R Kitchen Drying Rack from Nitori - NT$ 250

  1. Office corner table, can split into two tables: short table: 89.5 x 60 cm, long table: 120.5 x 60 cm - NT$ 1000

  1. Unused Winter / Summer (cool Bamboo) bed mattress from Nitori (150cm x 180 cm) - NT$ 1000

  1. Super comfortable foldable ‘topper’ bed mattress (Bedding World pocket-spring 182 x 195 cm) - NT$ 5000 (bought new for 11k 1 year ago)

  1. Vertical coat/hat/bag rack with 16 hooks - NT$ 400

  1. “The Monkees” by Taichung artist Steve Barraclough - four individual canvases combined to produce one hanging piece. - NT$ 1000

  1. Taiwan Mobile sim card, number, and 1.5 yr contract (NT$ 799 unlimited internet bandwidth & free calls to other Taiwan Mobile users) - available from September 19th (free but requires meeting in person with 2 x ID cards to transfer the account at a Taiwan Mobile branch)

All items (except 7) need to be picked up or delivered by courier arranged by the buyer. I’ll accept cash or ATM transfer payments. If seriously interested and ready to buy please reply with a name, contact number, and the items you want.

Even with these items for sale, I hope the Letters from Taiwan continue!


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Do you have any good used spoons ? … hehe … just bumping for you and having my giggle :blush: be thankful that @jimipresley is quiet


Good luck … back later ?

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LfT is somewhat dormant now but I won’t delete. I do put links to my Op-Eds up there from time to time. Thanks for thee support!


Thanks! We’ll see. Plan is not to come back (to live and work permanently) any time soon but you never know. I have to come back to renew my APRC so ask me again in 2025!

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Damn you got first dibs, I was about to pounce.


Prices can be negotiated and I’m interested in offers of swaps for useful items that aren’t electrical.

UPDATE: TV, coat hanger, big mattress have been taken. Bamboo mattress and sink rack still available as is my mobile phone contract.

I’m willing to pay someone NT$3000 to take over my mobile phone contract and number. Email me bengoren@mac.com for details.