Leaving Taiwan shortly after visa renewal

I’m currently studying in Taiwan with a visitor visa. The 6-month expiration date is set for Feb. 3rd, so I’m leaving for a visa run the weekend before.

But, I’m also scheduled to fly out for a 2-week trip back to the states in mid-February (yeah, I know. bad scheduling on my part, but it’s too late to change now).

Is there any way I can avoiding paying for 2 student/visitor visas? As a continuing student, can I get either 1 multiple entry visa or a shorter-term (and cheaper) visa for February (and then a normal student/vistor visa at the TECO in LA)?

Any help would be wonderful. Thanks!

From your comment about going back the states I’ll assume you are a US citizen. If so you will get a free 30-day visa just for showing up. This should cover your few weeks stay in February and then you can apply for a new visa during your US trip.