Leaving Taiwan

As some of you already know, sadly, its time for me to leave Taiwan and I do so with mixed emotions.

After 4 years I’ve grown to love Taiwan but I think most of all I will miss all of the amazing people I’ve met here.

I head to Dubai this Sunday for a possible opportunity over there and I will, when I have time, post about it. As far as I am aware its also very much a land of opportunity so I will start a thread here and inform you all of the differences.

I don’t have many regrets about about Taiwan, but just that I didn’t get to meet so many people that I’ve seen on this forum. I’d also urge other forumosan’s to go to Happy Hours and meet those people you’ve always wanted to…and to see Taiwan, because for many of us, when its time to leave, suddenly there is no time to do anything.

Take care everyone…and save some stinky Toufu for when I eventually return.

Damn. I was hoping to meet you Tyc00n.

Good luck!

And thanks for the classic sig!

See ya Tycoon! It’s been a pleasure! :bow:

You can meet he at the most luxurious resort in Dubai.

Good luck, Tycoon.

It is too bad that I did’t have much chance to talk to you at last Curry Event.

Good luck in Dubai. It should be very interesting. I hope it’s as lucrative as it sounds (cuz you ain’t gonna be seeing sexy girls in short skirts in Dubai). Whenever I hear of Dubai I think of this cool hotel and Tiger Woods hitting a golf ball off the roof.

bon voyage and let us know how things stack up dubai vs taiwan lifewise.

Don’t forget to keep up with us here. :slight_smile:

Best of everything to Ya Tyc00n.

May your hopes come true.

Good luck mate. Some friends of mine lived in Dubai for a year, and left just recently (so there should be room for you).

Apparently you can earn disgracefully large sums of money there if you work in the right fields (there are teaching jobs you can find for US$30,000 a year, tax free), but I would be concerned about quite a few more issues before I started to think about the money.

All the best, Tyc00n.

Glad I got a chance to meet you, albeit briefly, before you left.

Yeah, me too. You’re really actually not that bad, considering where you come from and all.
The best to you in Dubai. I have an engineer friend over there and he loves it.

Best of luck, Tyc00n.

I’ve enjoyed your posts, especially the ones in the business and investing threads. Wish I would have had the chance to have met you at a HH or the curry night.

Enjoy sunny Dubai. And keep us posted here on Forumosa.

Best of luck in your new venture.

Happy travels :beer:!

Best of luck.

Whatever you do, don’t jinx yourself by saying you won’t come back. :wink:

yep good luck mr… no doubt we’ll get introduced to each other again next time :wink:

Hey Tycoon, I’m going there to work too in two months! Have met a few people who have worked there or are working there and they have nothing but praise for the place. I know you’ll love it!!! Best of luck!

Do they allow beer and pork sausage … pubs?

yes, yes, and yes (but for pork it’s a bit secretive, you have to know the guy who owns the shop and sells it secretly kind of thing, from what I understand)