Leaving without paying taxes

A girl I know is about to leave the country, but she hasn’t filed her taxes yet. IF you have a one way ticket out of here after being here for a year, don’t they ask for some tax receipt?

I thought they dont ask unless you have overstayed your visa. But filing taxes usually result in money back. She wont get any of that if she doesnt file.

Tell her to file, she may be surprised at just how much she gets back.

I was.

L :smiley:

Yeah, and while arranging to be sent/picked up can be a bit cumbersome, the money is well worth it. :howyoudoin:

The airline agent who sees your ticket, doesn’t see your tax status and the immigration agent who may have access to your tax status only looks at your immigration documents and your boarding pass. The immigration agent is unlikely to ask to see a return ticket upon exiting the country. In 5 years, they’ve never asked me.

In the scheme of things, that’s a lot shittier than someone having less than a gram of hash. Certainly betrays some degree of selectivity you hold in regards criminal behaviour.


[quote=“Huang Guang Chen”]In the scheme of things, that’s a lot shittier than someone having less than a gram of hash. Certainly betrays some degree of selectivity you hold in regards criminal behaviour.

Was there any value judgement in my answer? I thought I directly answered the question with the facts of the matter.

Do I believe people should pay their taxes? Yes. Did B9’s friend? I’m assuming taxes were withheld from their pay and that she doesn’t want to bother filing a return. Should she file a return? Yes. Will the immigration officer check for a return ticket to Taiwan? I can’t imagine. Might there be a problem if she wants to come back to Taiwan in the future? I dunno, but that’s not what was asked.

If you want to psychoanalyze my value system, my philosophy is it’s better not to do things that hurt one’s self, hurt others or that one can’t afford. Breaking the law can cause harm to yourself and others, including tax and drug laws, especially if caught. Not paying taxes harms everyone in the society who has to carry an extra burden because someone else chooses not to. Doing drugs harms your health, and when addicted can lead to much more harmful behavior to the user, their family and others. Not filing a tax return, especially when you are likely due a refund, hurts yourself in lost income and potential problems returning to Taiwan in the future.


Wasn’t commenting on your stand, CraigTPE, more a comment about Battery9, who has railed in on the chap caught with a rat’s pecker worth of dope, but here opens a thread which would appear to be seeking answers to help her friend facilitate fraud with the tax department - you don’t know she’s paid, you assume.


Next year I’m considering leaving without paying taxes. My boss doesn’t deduct ANY taxes from my salary right now. She did in the first months when I arrived in 2008, but not now. That means that when I pay taxes this year I will be forking over a pretty sum, but I am prepared for that. My ARC will expire, once I renew it, in September of 2011, however, I made a shorter contract with my boss, and I plan on leaving sometime in March/April. According to tax laws those 3-4 months should be taxed at 18%, so I’m wondering what the results would be if I just left the country without paying any of that. Would that get my boss in trouble I wonder? Would getting by immigration be easy?

At least one foreigner friend of mine didn’t pay his taxes at tried to leave at the end of the year, and he was stopped, turned back from exiting, until he paid up.

On the other hand, I just paid my 2008 taxes yesterday (yep, it’s like getting a loan at 0.74% APR) and hadn’t had a problem with going in and out over the past 1.5 years, so go figure. But maybe the tax accountants filed an extension or something. I will tell you that I was worried I’d be stopped every time I left (right up until last week’s flight) that they’d stop me, so I would always have a Taiwanese coworker call up the tax office and make sure I wasn’t on their shit list before I left.

If you want, PM me and I’ll see if I can get the tax office number from her tomorrow.

I didn’t say it’s my FRIEND…I specifically said ‘a girl I know’ SHe’s not my FRIEND. I don’t give a rats ass about her but she was taking a cat on the plane with her. The airline stops flying animals on the 13th and I was worried for the CAT and that I may have to rehome it for her. I gave her crap for not paying it and hope she can’t return here.

[quote=“Huang Guang Chen”]In the scheme of things, that’s a lot shittier than someone having less than a gram of hash. Certainly betrays some degree of selectivity you hold in regards criminal behaviour.


So cute that you care so much that you remembered that. I don’t think a person that didn’t file taxes is more dangerous to a kid’s safety, but whatever. This woman paid the whole 20% tax thing too…she’s losing out big time.

the cat made it to the US. Girl propably won’t be allowed back in for many reasons.

cat fight ! :smiley:

cat made it to the USA. Hopefully to a good home . How come she (the person) cant come back? (just being a curious grannie)

went AWOL. The school notified all the right people:) Weirdly enough, that cat was the one thing she did right. Spent thousands on it after it snuck out and fell 6 floors. And spent more to take it to the US. It was already a 6 year old cat some other foreigner just left here. She’s only had it for a couple of months…so yes. About that, I’m happy.

Poor cat , but sweet that someone loved that cat :slight_smile: Kudos to her AWOL or not. She probably doesnt want to ever return to the Rock anyways.

what reallllly grated my carrot was that the school had my contact info so kept on calling me. I hate being placed in that position!!!

Was he working in Taiwan legally? What kind of visa did he have?

How come they stop flying animals? When would they start again?
Is it because of the weather?

yes, it’s summer so they are afraid the animals will overheat. Not all airlines do that, only some.