Lecture from computer music master Dr. Chowning of Stanford U

Public Lecture Announcement

Dr. John Chowning,
Professor of Music, CCRMA, Sanford University and inventor of FM synthesis on YAMAHA DX7 Synthesizer
will give a talk on 12/05 WED 3:30 – 5 PM

“My personal reflections of the early days of computer music development and technologies for music of last 50 years”

This talk is suited for general public with little technology background required. The detailed venue information is here:

Workshop space, Creativity In The Making
Floor 3, No. 297-1, Sec. 3, Roosevelt Road, Taipei

Inquiry information
email: info@citm.com.tw
voice: +886-2-23632815
fax: +886-2-81924283

Dear all:
We, Creativity In The Making, will organize a lecture by Dr. John Chowning, who invented FM synthesis that was used on YAMAHA DX7 synthesizer. He was the also the funding Director of world renowned CCRMA research center of Stanford University. The registration fee is NT$500 per person. Details can be found at: citm.com.tw/lecture.html