Lee Teng-hui sick


Eh taken to the hospital, emergency. Just what we need.


Guy’s like 122 years old, how can that possibly constitute an emergency??


I was assuming this already, considering he didn’t make an election appearance.


I wouldn’t mind living to 122 if health is decent.
I’ll be even more crotchety and rude though


OMG a 95 year old who escaped death like 3 or 4 times needs to go to the hospital! DRAMA!



he’s been living way into extra innings, dozens of overtimes. His dying if it were to happen, God rest his soul, would not be something to lose sleep over.

and it should be Lee Teng-Hui.


Still, not th ebest time to have such a loss.

Not a saint, I know, but he had an important role in the democratic development of Taiwan.


Oh, bullshit.
He’s an acrimonious old prick who did a crapload more to stall or slow the development of democracy than advance it.


Definitely my favorite Taiwanese politician of all time. I even love his crazy Japanese-accented English.


I have way too many centenarians in my family so living until 122 is not that far fetched, one hopes, though living in Taiwan certainly has taken a toll.

As long as I can rustle cattle like my dear old granny at 83, I´m good.


Methinks CCK deserves more credit for ushering in democracy for Taiwan, with all due respect to LHT.


For after he died maybe. He doesn’t get enough credit for his incompetence and losing China with the support of the US gov with every advantage a military would want in war. He also isn’t credited enough for the awful shit he did after losing.


It was his father CKS who lost China to the Communists.


I read CKS my first read.


The boy, he’s strong like bull.
Smart like…well, bull.


I’m starting to narrow your identity down.


That is so wrong.

According to the news he’s fine. Just needs to stay in the hospital for a couple of days.


I love how he prefers to read the news in Japanese translation and not English original.

Lee Kuan Yew described him as a crazy samurai in his memoirs.


LKY… now he was a great statesman…A true legend.


Authoritarian bunghole notwithstanding.