Lee Teng-hui's house

On the news a couple nights ago, I got a glimpse of Lee shooing some reporters off his doorstep (I think; I wasn’t paying close attention.)

But, my eyes popped at the sight of the house. Does anyone have photos of it?

The columns and entire stately facade are quite impressive. The door could be more pronounced in some manner, but I only saw it in a flash once too when he was greeting some dignitary on TV at his doorstep.

A friend told me he bought it at a ridiculously low price from someone who wanted to win favour from him. This is the way things were always done back then. Another Lee-hating, deep blue, very wealthy businessman told me he once “gave” a Mercedes Benz to Lee when he was president. He said it was necessary to ensure his business success.

A real mansion that is. Surely someone has a photo of it. :help:
Perhaps it is fitting for a “spiritual leader” here in Taiwan.
Wealth and comfort = Enlightenment

Is it the house in Daxi, Hongxi?

Dunno. But my girlfriend’s father told me tonight that Lee rents a house in Neihu. He didn’t say much about my saying Lee’s house was huge. He likes Lee. So do I, as far as doing a lot of good for Taiwan goes. But I wish Lee would vamoosh from the political scene already. I think his noodle got a bit singed by all the power and influence he once had.

It’s near the National Palace Museum, somewhat. Across from…what’s that university? The one with a different name in Chinese than in English? Tamkang or something.

Soochow University in English and 東吳大學 in Chinese. Dong Wu refers to the area the original university was set up in Suzhou, China. There’s still one in Suzhou, by the way.


On the other hand, Chen Shui-Bian’s house (even with all the side revenue from Sogo coupons and fake receipts :wink: ), appears to be very modest. I know because I live just a few blocks away. The street it’s on is very nice by Taipei standards: quiet, peaceful and lined with lots of nice shade trees, but just one street back from Minsheng E Rd, in the nice SongShan Dist. But the house itself, at least from the outside, doesn’t appear any different from the thousands of other ordinary apartments that surround it. In fact, the only way one can tell there’s anything unusual is because a bored policeman has been standing on the quiet street corner for years, chatting with the neighbors, sometimes an undercover cop will stand on the other corner, and when the son-in-law was being indicted the streets were lined with TV news trucks and a couple dozen reporters camped out on the sidewalk.