Left luggage at CKS or HK airport

I may be in a position where I’d like to leave a suitcase at CKS or HK airport for a few days while I travel with my backpack. Does anyone know if this service is available and what it costs?

Left luggage at HKIA is downstairs (arrivals) and right over to the right as you come out of baggage reclaim into the greeting area. It’s HK$50 per piece for up to 24hrs, dunno how much for longer. It’s run by Chubb. Maybe there’s a website with rates? You could try ringing HKIA and asking to be put through to Left Luggage?

CKS I don’t know. It doesn’t even have a bar fercrissakes.

You leave your luggage in bars?

You leave your luggage in bars?[/quote]

Only if they’re really good and I get along with the barman.

There’s definitely left luggage at C.K.S. now. A Burger King too. Read this thread: forumosa.com/taiwan/viewtopi … ft+luggage

I’ve definitely seen it at terminal 2, on departures around to the right as you going thru the main doors, near the forex booth.

Yes. Burger King, Starbucks, Au Bon Pain, Salt and Bread, Rose Music, and a bunch of chinese and japanese food stalls are on the 4th floor of T2. It’s actually very easy to not know they are there unless you are looking for them, but they are. :sunglasses:

There has been a BK in terminal 1 for as long as I remember, first visit for me would have been in '96. It is downstairs B1, you pass it if going to the shortterm parking.

The BK in T2 is on the 4F as mentioned previously.

Terminal 2?

Good to see Taiwan’s only 30 years behind the air travel curve. Way to go. Next you’ll be telling me they’ve got shops.

They’ve got shops.

Christ on a bike!