Left my keys in a taxi

Is there a number I can call? I left my keys in a taxi last night. The driver took them because my address was on a tag that came with my keys. I am worried because the address obviously tells people exactly where to use the keys and i am worried i might have my apartment broken into.

If your keys don’t arrive back at your flat, sharpish, then change your locks.
I would change your locks anyway as the taxi driver or his potential associates could easily copy the keys.

For information regarding items lost in taxi ,please call 2388 0066

I think I am going to change the lock. Can anyone recommend a locksmith and advise me of a cost estimate? My front door is one of those big steel doors that apartments usually have.

Idrop my keys down the sewer pretty much weekly and I payed 1800 once and the other time 800 to replace the locks.
many of the locks arent true deadbolt ( I’m pretty sure) the locksmith was in our door in less than a minute and it was a 3 click lock.

one thing to think about before you put a new lock in is the base plate. thats where most people break in. they pry it open and get in with a peice of wire.

I live in an appartment block in a nice part of NeiHu, and we have building security until 7 in the evening. People couldnt break in without someone noticing.

Security until 7. I hope the robbers dont work at night…